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{Thursday, July 28, 2005} PMS Sucks... At Least That's What I Think It Is
I think the PMS if finally kicking in. I'm finding myself to be extremely irritable for no reason. The kids are getting to me really bad today. I feel so bad all I want to do is lock myself in my room so that I don't go off on them. I look at my house, and I know it's clean, but even the smallest thing on the floor and I go CRAZY. Then to top it off Randee is starting to go through his hormonal CRAP and he's in a constant bad mood. So I just feel like slapping him upside the head and telling him to get over it. Now he's talking back to me like I'm Kelsey. If that little sucker thinks he can get away with it, he's got another thing coming. Looks like he'll be spending the rest of the night in his room. So much for his races this evening.

Oh a bit of a better note, Jason is taking the car in today to get an estimate on the damage from the accident earlier this week. So I can callthe lady who hit me later and let her know how much it's gonna cost. Let's hope the PMS isn't kicking in when I talk to her. If she tries to put me off she'll end up getting her head ripped off. LOL


Blogger K said...

Hey Brandi, I guarantee that you'll feel better when Randee goes back to school. I'm feeling pretty snippy right now as well.

7:07 PM  

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