Miss Priss

{Wednesday, August 31, 2005} What a day
I sent out several resumes yesterday. I really wasn't expecting to hear anything back since I've been out of the work force for over 3 years. It was so funny when I was sending out resumes, most of these people wanted it emailed to them. Last time I was looking for a job all the employers wanted the resume either faxed or hand delivered. This was so nice I could look for a job while still in my jammies. LOL Well anyway, this morning I had an email about one of the resumes I had sent out. It was for a receptionist position. I had no idea what this company was, since I sent so many out yesterday I lost track. This is for a spa/cafe. I thought that would be pretty cool, until he started asking how many hours I wanted to work each week, what shift I wanted and if I have my servers certificate. Okay first off, it never donned on me that a "normal" receptionist would work anything besides days. And second, why would I need a servers certificate to greet customers? What is a servers certificate anyway?? Needless to say, I didn't go much farther with that job.

Then later this morning I found out that my friends dog died. She got sick about a month ago and the vet seemed to think that the dog had been poisoned. Who could be so cruel to poison an innocent animal? Well this poor dog kept getting sicker and sicker and there was nothing they could do about it. And last night at 7:00 pm she died.

And lastly, remember the injured bird from a couple weeks ago? I got a call from the wildlife refuge today and the bird didn't make it. There was too much trauma and he died a couple days after I took him in. Now I don't know if it's the PMS in me, or cause I'm a nerd, but I actually started crying when the lady told me.

{Monday, August 29, 2005} I Can't Believe It
Well after a little over 3 years of staying home with my babies I'm actually going to start looking for a job. I would really like to continue staying home and start going to school to get my RN, but it doesn't look like that will be possible anytime soon. So for now, we really do need some extra cash, so I'm going to start sending out resumes tomorrow. I sure hope and pray that they don't look down on me for being out of the work force for so long. In a sense I'm a bit excited about it. I haven't been around "grown-ups" all day for such a long time. I don't think I even remember what that is like. It's like a new and exciting chapter in my life is about to start. But at the same time I'm a bit bummed because I really wanted to be home with my babies and take them all on field trips when they start school. I wanted to be the one to take them to school and pick them up afterwards with a snack waiting for them at home. Well at least R has had that for the past 3, going on 4, years now. Unfortunately K and A won't be able to have that. This really sucks but I see no other choice. My hubby just doesn't make enough to support our family. And it's not like we have all sorts of luxuries, the only thing we have is internet and I'm afraid that may have to be turned off soon too. As we are now we're just barely getting by on a day to day basis. I just hope and pray that I can find a job that will pay enough to cover child care costs. At this point I need two full time spots and one before and after school spot.

Please keep me in your thoughts and I try to get everything figured out. Thanks :D

{Sunday, August 28, 2005} Success!!!!
What a day. The party turned out to be a HUGE success. Everyone kept complimenting me on how well planned the party was and how nice it turned out. I was so excited to hear all of those compliments considering that my family (they made up the majority of the guest list) are some of the most rude and inconsiderate people there are.

It was a pretty hectic morning since I had to get up and start cleaning the house right away. Then leave to take R to the races. Then from there I had to rush home to finish getting everything ready for the party. Aside from that rushing around everything was so nice. And I can't believe just how many people showed up. Out of all of the R.S.V.P's only one person ended up not coming. And they weren't even missed.

So now I'll be able to get back to somewhat normal everyday things. My stress level can now finally go down a bit.

{Saturday, August 27, 2005} Busy, Busy
What a day I have had. I've been driving all over the city trying to get last minute things for the kids' birthday party tomorrow. Since R has races tomorrow morning, I basically had to get everything taken care of today. What joy.

I'd really like to thank Natasha from Tips and Articles For Mom for this wonderful site to help me plan this birthday party. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone planning a party visit My Mommy Central .

Okay well I guess I'd better get back to the grind for now. I still need to clean my house and put the candy in the pinata. I'll update later on how things go.

{Friday, August 26, 2005} Ah The Joys Of Parenthood A.K.A. The Night From H*LL
*WARNING: This post contains information that may not be for the weak stomach.

Last night was so horrible in my house. It started out that I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach. There were several times I thought I was going to throw up, but I never did. Then right before I was about to go to bed, K. woke up and threw up all over herself and her bed. OMG THE SMELL!!! THE HORROR!!! I walked into her room and started to clean her up. Then I saw the clumps and the smell hit me. Suddenly I'm overcome with nauseousness and have to drop everything and run to my bathroom. I started wretching so hard my stomach hurt afterwards AND I woke R. and A. up and scared them. So while I'm in the bathroom taking care of business, J. strips K. and her bed. When I'm feeling a bit better I run K. a bath and proceed to wash her. I have to empty out the tub several times so all the throw up will drain away. Once I'm done with the bath K. is ready for bed again. I carry her to bed and lay her down and come back to the living room. Now I want to wait and make sure she is going to stay asleep.

Well it doesn't happen, 10 minutes after she goes down she's crying and throwing up again. This time I can handle it a bit better and I let J. give her a bath while I change bedding again. Now K. wants me to lay down with her but I just can't bring myself to stay too long. I'm too scared she's gonna blow again and I really don't want to be in the line of fire. J. and I are up until almost midnight (which is really late for us), trying to determine if K. is out for the night. Finally we decide to go to bed.

1 a.m. comes and I'm still awake. I can't sleep cause my stomach is so upset. Last I look at the clock it's near 1:45. Next thing I know K. is crying and throwing up again. I realize I fell asleep and had been dreaming about throw up. I'm thinking to myself "when will this nightmare end?" Now it's 3:30 a.m. and J. is refusing to get up. So I get up give K. another bath and change her bedding one more time. This time when I lay her back down I tell her that if she starts feeling sick again she NEEDS to go to the bathroom. There is no more blankets or sheets or pillows for her. Oh and now she's on her last pair of jammies too.

So I go back to bed and again can't fall asleep. I'm tossing and turning and then it's my turn to run to the bathroom to throw up. OMG what did I eat? I don't remember ingesting anything that color. I go back to bed and fall asleep. 4:00 K. wakes up again. This time she runs to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. While doing this she proceeds to throw up in the bathroom sink. She wakes up everyone in the house, but we are all WAY TOO TIRED to get up. She finishes up and heads back to bed.

6:00 time to wake up for the day. OMG I feel like crap. I hardly slept and what little I did sleep I kept dreaming about vomit and cleaning it up over and over again. Not exactly what I would call a restful night. But of course K. is feeling wonderful now and is as perky as ever. She bounces into my room full of energy as I'm trying to drag myself out of bed. I have been so UNPRODUCTIVE today and all I want to do is lay on the couch and sleep the day away.

Now it's night the kids are in bed and I think I'm going to go to bed and die for the night.

{Thursday, August 25, 2005} See it Jiggle
I never realized that going 2 weeks without exercising would totally change the way your body looks. I've been following a program called Slim in 6 since end of February. After my first 6 weeks I LOVED the way I looked, but I still felt like I had a little more to go. I had already lost 14 lbs and only needed to lose 8 more to get to my ideal body weight. And my over body was so much more toned. I don't remember ever being so firm in my life.

Well when J. went away for training this last time I started getting kind of lax on my work outs. I had already changed my eating habits for the better, so I wasn't worried about that. But now it's been two weeks since I last worked out. AND for some reason I can't stop eating junk food. It's like my body is craving it BAD. So now I've gain 4 lbs, which isn't bad considering, but I can't believe how jiggly I've gotten.

So anyone else out there in the diet/exercise world do NOT, I repeat, NOT stop exercising. You'll hate yourself afterwards. Now I'm off to chew on a celery stick and try to convince myself to start working out again.

{Wednesday, August 24, 2005} RSVP
Why do you think people put "RSVP" on invitations? Is it because it looks nice, or because it's the thing to do? I'd like to think that it's put on there for a reason. At least when I put it on an invitation it's for a reason. So then WHY is it that I sent out invitations for my kids' birthday party last week, and they had RSVP by yesterday on them, am I getting RSVP's today instead? Did you not see the date? Do you not realize that I had that particular date on there for a reason? I can't tell you how annoying it is that this is happening. And I KNOW it's not because people got the invitations late, I HAND DELIVERED THEM for godsakes.

Now I have to go back to the law enforcement desk and see if they'll let me update my guest list for Sunday. I hope and pray they will because I really don't want to be driving back and forth from my house to the gate all day to let people in.

{Tuesday, August 23, 2005} Allergic?
Is it possible to suddenly become allergic to your dog? We've had our dog for about a year and a half now. And for the past couple of days when ever I get near him I start having a serious allergy attack. My head is killing me from sinus pressure and my throat aches from all the sneezing and coughing. I feel like I'm dying a slow and painful death. This morning I forced myself to clean the house real well to get rid of what ever is causing this horrible allergy. Everything was fine and dandy until the dog got out of his crate and started running all over the house. Now I'm back to where I started from. Oh if only I could get over this misery.

{Saturday, August 20, 2005} Fun Stuff
I have had a bunch of smelly pre-teen boys at my house for the last two days. Not that it's a bad thing but I'm not used to having people over. And R. hadn't had any friends in our neighborhood since they moved away last summer. It's so weird. They went to the bike races with us both Thursday night and last night. OMG my car smelled HORRIBLE last night after getting home. It smelled like a sweaty locker room mixed with STANK old Slim Jims. So as soon as I got the kids to bed I went out to the car to clean it out. I rolled down all the windows to get some air in and got rid of all the Slim Jim wrappers that they left laying all over the place. Then I had to get some air freshener and saturate my seats and floor to get rid of that nasty smell. OY if this is what I have to look forward to as R. gets older I better buy stock in that air freshener.

On a realy good note, I haven't been online much the last couple of days. J. came home Thursday afternoon. I'm so happy to have him home!!! He'll be home for a while now before he has to go back for the last little bit of his training. J. already got his orders for our new station but he needs to make some phone calls to find out exactly when we'll be leaving to go there.

Oh yeah, we found an injured bird today, in our yard. I wasn't too sure what to do with it. I remember when I was a kid I watched some show (like Sesame Street or something like like that) and these kids were helping an injured bird. Anyway so I got online and found a really informative site on what to do with this poor little thing. So I called the wild life preserve near me and we had to pick up the bird and put it in a box and take it over to them. I hope the bird will be okay. I think it might have a broken wing or something.

Okay so it's time to go to the races again and drive with these two extra kids. I hope we can fit everyone in the car alright. The last two nights was fine because I took A.'s carseat out and J. didn't go with us. This time we'll have the whole crew and then some. Oh yeah and we have to figure out how to get an extra bike in the car too. I have the two on the bike rack and the one in the car taking up what little leg room we have. Oh joy. :D

{Wednesday, August 17, 2005} I feel like a nervous wreck
J. was out processing today and he was talking to this lady in admin and she informed him that they will more than likely move us BEFORE he goes back for the last part of his training. That means we could be moving in as little as a month. I'm so nervous, I've never been away from my mom before and here I'll be 1400+ miles away from her and the rest of my family. On one hand it's exciting to think that I'll be seeing a completely different place but at the same time I'm going to spend my first 3 months there alone just me and the kids.

I have so much I need to do to get ready for everything. I'm not exactly sure what all I need to do on my end. Am I the one that calls the moving van or does J's work? What do I do with my puppy while we're not in our house? Oh so many questions going through my head. So many things to do.

{Tuesday, August 16, 2005} The Child From H*LL
How do you handle the child from hell??? I have tried all sorts of discipline. And I have tried them for longer than a week so it's not because I'm inconsistant.

Today, like every other day, "K" refused to do anything I told her. I have learned not to ask her to do things because she'll just flat out say no. So I tell her to clean up the toys that she threw all over the living room. What do I get? "But that makes me too tired". So I respond with a "then you can take a nap afterwards", didn't go over too well. And now, 3 hours later, the toys are still all over the living room.

Then, when she wasn't throwing toys around, she decides she's gonna beat up on her baby brother. I try pulling her away from him only to have her go right back at him as soon as my back is turned. I can't take my eye off of her for less than a minute, otherwise something horrible will happen.

You think I'm kidding when I say horrible don't you? Well here's the kicker. After I layed "A" down for a nap "K" decided that she needed to go potty. She tells me to go watch her go pee. I told her I was NOT going to watch her pee. So I head into the kitchen to find something for lunch and to get the clothes out of the dryer. I got the clothes out of the dryer and onto the loveseat when she hollars out to me that the toilette is "throwing up". I'm think okay this is an old toilette and it backs up quite often, I just need to plunge it. I head towards the bathroom to find that the hall is flooded with 2" of water. Not only that but three of our four bedrooms are flooded just as bad. I had to wake "A" up to clean up the water in his room and he wasn't too happy about that. The part I wasn't too happy about was all his toys on the floor that were RUINED. Oh and wanna know how the toilette started "throwing up"? "K" decided it would be fun to take a brand new roll of triple roll toilette paper and flush it all at once. Yeah you read that right, the whole thing stuck in the toilette.

So what do I do? Any suggestions? I don't know how to handle this child. I swear she is gonna be the death of me. No one even wants to babysit her for these same reasons.

{Monday, August 15, 2005} WE HAVE AN ASSIGNMENT!!!!
Oh I'm so excited. "J" called me this morning to let me know that we officially have an assignment. We don't have all the details worked out yet. "J" will have to go back for the rest of his training come mid-October so we're not sure if we'll be moving before or after the training is complete. My way of thinking is that he's career description has already changed so they can't have him doing what he was doing before. Of course they don't think the way I do, otherwise we wouldn't have had to wait so long for an assignment. LOL Anyway I'll keep y'all updated as things become more clear. But this is a GREAT start.

On another happy note, "J" had some beautiful flowers delivered to me today for my birthday. He kept apologizing to me that they didn't come earlier. Like one day late is such a bad thing. I'm just happy that he surprised me like this. I didn't expect him to do anything until after he got home.

{Sunday, August 14, 2005} Yesterday
Yesterday was so much fun. My cousin, Sonya, got us tickets to Cliff's amusement park. We got there pretty early in the day and stayed until it got dark. Randee was able to ride just about all the rides so my mom and I took turns going with him. I got so sick a couple of times I had to sit down so I wouldn't throw up. We also took Kelsey and Aaron on a couple of rides and I think those made me more sick than the others. LOL We were in line to ride one of the roller coasters and it got shut down because it started raining. It was raining so hard we had to take shelter and then the shelter started flooding. I haven't seen rainlike that in a LONG time. After the rain let up just a little we made a run for the car. It was still raining pretty bad, but we weren't willing to wait any longer. The ground was so flooded that we were walking in running water up to our knees. Once we got to the car getting home was pretty crazy. The streets were flooding and the water was running so fast. You couldn't even see the sidewalks because the water was so high.

After we got home we changed into some dry clothes and finished off our night watching a movie and sleeping in the living room.

{Friday, August 12, 2005} Changed My Look
I wanted to thank Stacee at http://www.chasethestars.com for this really cool template.

So I received some interview questions from TJ over at http://www.zazzafooky.com You all should go visit her sometime her blog is definitely worth reading. Okay so let's see if I can answer these questions well.

1. What is the worst thing you've ever done that you were never caught for?
That one is a bit difficult. In a sense I ended up getting caught for everything I've done. When I was younger I was a wild child and because of this I was put into a behavior rehab program. While I was in there I had to confess everything I had ever done. After I got out I was a good kid for a bit. But after that I had the type of relationship with my family that whatever I did was no secret.

2. If you were in public and had to be stripped of one thing would it be your top of your bottoms?
I think I would rather go without my top. I have such bad cottage cheese on my thighs and butt that I refuse to be seen in anything that doesn't cover it all.

3. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever done? (Dirty can be interpreted how ever you like)
In my case my mind is in the gutter quite often so dirty is interpreted as that. I think the dirtiest thing I have ever done would be sleeping with my step-sister's boyfriend. I don't know if she ever found out, but not too long after that we stopped talking to each other.

4. How have you been exceptionally cruel or mean to someone, and why?
See question number 3. At the time I was extremely selfish and the only thing that mattered was getting what I want.

5. Imagine an egg on a table in front of you. The egg may be any shape, color, size or species. You crack it open. What kind of egg is it? (Snake's Egg, Turtle's Egg, Dinosaur's Egg, Chicken's Egg)
I would be a turtle's egg. I'm deathly afraid of snakes so that is completely out of the question. Dinosaurs are way too big to deal with and a chicken is just too cute.

So that's it, I know I'm a pretty boring person huh. I'd post about my past a bit more but I'm afraid I might incriminate myself.

{Wednesday, August 10, 2005} Found The Funnest Site
So I just found one of the funnest sites. It translates all these other sites into gangsta talk. You can check it out at http://www.gizoogle.com

Today I looked at my house and decided it needed a good douching but I'm not gonna do it. So it'll just sit and wait for a few more day. Instead I took Aaron to his 2 year well baby check. He came in the 10th percentile on his height and -10 percentile on his weight. Yeah so what, my kid only weighs 22 lbs at 2 yrs old. I know he eats like a pig and never stops eating. So why is he so friggin skinny? Anyway, aside from being tiny he's perfectly healthy. And the doctor didn't mention anything about him seeing a nutritionist this time. And he doesn't have to have his speech evaluated again. YAY AARON!!!

After the doctor we went to fiesta in Bernalillo. Although I wouldn't exactly call 3 jumpers and a couple of food stands a fiesta. But the kids had fun so I guess that's all that matters. We got home about 930 tonight and the kids were exhausted, which was so nice for me because I got to put them to bed without them hasseling me. Oh so nice.

Oh, an update on Jason's orders. Okay so we were supposed to find out last Thursday right? Well obviously that didn't happen, so we've been sitting here waiting to find out where we're going. Today Jason gets a message that he needs to go talk to some administration guy. Okay so it turns out that there was some sort of screw up and Jason didn't have an assignment. I'm like what the hell. What are we supposed to do now. Well apparently they had Jason fill out an assignment worksheet (which is basically a dream sheet for which bases he wants to go to). Now they're gonna go down the list and decide which one they want him at. Right now Jason's top two picks are in Japan and England. That would be so cool to go over seas. I can't wait to find out what we get. Only problem is that this guy didn't tell Jason how long it would be before we get the news. For all we know Jason will come home next week and still not know. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

{Tuesday, August 09, 2005} Planning A Party
So I'm in the process of planning a birthday party for my kids. This is a bit of a different party since I'm having just one party for all three kids. I'm doing this for a couple of reason, first off Randee and Aaron have birthdays so close together that I can't see throwing two seperate parties in a one week period. Second, Jason is out of town until mid-August and I'd really like him to be at the party too, so we're gonna wait until after he gets home. Third, by the time we have the party for the boys it'll be Kelsey's birthday too. So that's why I'm just having one party for everyone.

I know Randee wants to have a BMX motocross theme which should be pretty easy. If I can't find decorations I'll just use all his ribbons and trophies to decorate. LOL Kelsey and Aaron really get excited watching the races so I think the BMX theme would be a really good one. I already have lots of games that everyone can play so I'm okay there.

Now I want this party to be extremely memorable and just flat out nice since it'll probably be our last party near my family. So this party is not just for the kids but for the adults as well. This won't be one of those parties where the parents just drop their kids off and come back to get them a couple of hours later. My biggest hurdle it trying to figure out what to feed everyone. I want to have a decent meal, but something different than what everyone else always has. Usually a party around here consists of enchiladas, beans, rice and tortillas. Which is good and all, but my kids hate that food and I'm getting really tired of it. My kids dont' like sandwiches of any kind so that's out of the question. But hamburgers and hot dogs just seem too simple. On thing that is making this decision so difficult is my family. They are so rude when it comes to things like this. If I don't make a complete meal they get mad and will sit there and complain the entire time they are around that there wasn't enough food. So I need to make sure that what ever it is I serve, it's filling. And I'm hoping to come by something that won't keep me in the kitchen all day, if that is at all possible.

So I'm sitting here racking my brain on what I can serve. If anyone out in cyber land has any ideas or experience in this type of situation I would greatly appreciate it.

{Monday, August 08, 2005} Finally A Productive Day
Well I've been stuck in a slump since last week. I haven't wanted to do anything and you could definitely tell by looking at my house. So today I finally forced myself to get moving. I cleaned my house so my neighbors, behind me, can't look in and see a mess. I was afraid they were gonna call the health department soon. And I kept my kids from killing each other. I so can't wait until Thursday when Randee goes back to school. That'll make my life that much easier having one less kid to keep track of.

Oh and we're still waiting to find out what aircraft Jason is going to be assigned to. I'm really starting to get impatient. He was supposed to find out on Thursday and when that didn't happen they said he would find out today. Well guess what, again it didn't happen. I figure he has to find out soon right? I mean they can't keep him in the dark the entire time. Anyway, I'm done asking each day if we know where we will be moving too. Now I'll just lay off until Jason brings it up.

{Sunday, August 07, 2005} Aaron
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday sweet baby,
Happy Birthday to you :D

Today is my baby's second birthday. He was so sweet today, and I had to let him stay up a bit so we could have some special one on one time. I can't believe I don't have a "baby" anymore. Now my youngest child is officially a toddler.

{Saturday, August 06, 2005} When Will It End???
Randee as officially started puberty. This boy is driving me INSANE!!! He is in a constant bad mood and angry about every little thing. He had a race this evening and he ended up racing two girls. Now these girls are a bit younger than him, but they have been racing a lot longer than him too. He seemed to think that since they were girls he was gonna beat them easily. Well he came in third. LOL I really shouldn't be laughing, but it taught him a lesson in humility. Anyway, he told me that he should have won and I told him "You could have won if you had cranked your bike harder." Well he didn't like that and we drove him with him angry. It was nice in a sense since he was quite the whole ride home. Only I hate looking in my rear view mirror and seeing his face all contorted and angry.

This morning we went up to Las Huertas for a family picnic. I hate that place so much. I don't mind going to the mountains for the day, but this isn't like going to the mountains. And you have all these cars driving through your picnic area looking for a place to park too. Anyway, while we were there my uncle announced that he got married (go him!) and then he announced that he wants to put together a family reunion for some time next year. Okay no big deal, I'm thinking to myself. Then comes the kicker, HE WANTS TO HANDLE ALL OUR MONEY FOR IT!!! Okay don't think so, this guy has a horrible past and can NOT be trusted. I don't know what makes him think we're gonna give him money to pull this off and trust that he won't be spending it all on himself. I'm sorry, but if they don't decide to have someone else handle the financial part of this, I will NOT be going to this reunion. I'm broke enough as it is, I can't afford to have to fork out another couple hundred bucks at the last minute.

On a more positive note, Jason will find out on Monday what aircraft he'll be assigned to and what base he'll be going to next. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't have to change his orders and stay in OK until December. That would just suck.

{Friday, August 05, 2005} Blah Day
Ever have one of those days where you just don't feel like doing a single thing but lay in bed? That's what I'm dealing with today, only being home alone with three kids I can't stay in bed. Aaron woke up around 730 this morning and when I went to pick him up out of his crib I found that he had ripped his diaper apart. Yes that's the diaper he was wearing. Thank goodness it wasn't pooped but it's still pretty gross trying to pick up all those little balls of cotton that are saturated with pee.
The rest of this morning has consisted of me sitting at my computer desk trying to talk myself into taking a shower. I finally told myself that once Aaron goes down for his daily nap I'll get in. But that has yet to happen. My soaps will be coming on in about a half hour and being that it's Friday I don't want to risk missing any moment of them. Talk about being addicted to the tv.

{Thursday, August 04, 2005} Things Are Finally Going Well
I got a call from the insurance company today and they requested that I fax a copy of the estimate over to them. So Jason faxed it in right away and I should be hearing from them by Monday, at the latest. I'm so happy to finally have this mess behind me.

Randee raced for the first time tonight as an intermediate. Surprisingly he did pretty well. He was racing two 10 yr old intermediates and one 10 yr old expert. He may not have made it to the main event but he handled it really well and finally got out of being complacent. Now he actually has to work to make it to the main. This should be a nice change for him.

{Wednesday, August 03, 2005} HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDEE
Today is my little man's 8th birthday. I can't believe I have an 8 yr old, really makes me feel old. LOL We didn't' do much today since we're waiting until Jason is home from training to really celebrate birthdays. But my mom did take us all out to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was rather disappointed in it, but the kids LOVED it. To me there'll never be anything as good as the original. Anyway, after the movie we walked out of the theater to head to the parking garage. When we walked out we noticed there were a TON of police outside. They lined the street and were walking all around the block and in the bus station across the street. It was kinda scary, but I think the scariest part was all the guns they had. I haven't been around a lot of guns so they scare me. Well we got to the car and pulled out of the garage. When we were pulling out, I asked the attendant what was going on. He said that apparently someone broke out of the detention center nearby and the police were looking for him.

After all the excitement we came home and called it a night. I got the kids into bed early and spent the rest of the day relaxing. Now I just have to sit down and actually plan out the kids birthday party. We're gonna have one huge party to celebrate all three birthdays at once.

{Tuesday, August 02, 2005} My Brother; My Savior
I don't even know where to start with this. When Jason was in San Antonio for training his travel card was denied because it was maxed out. So he had to use a lot of our personal money to pay for his trip. He told me not to worry about it because he would be reimbursed when he got home and filed a travel voucher. Since he had to use to much of our personal money I wasn't able to make the van payment when it came due. I called the company and let them know what happened, but it didn't seem to help. When the payment came to be 8 days late they started calling me and hounding me for payment. I again told them that I had to wait until the travel voucher was reimbursed for me to be caught up on payments. I told them I could pay on the 15th, but I would still be 1 month behind. They seemed to be content with the fact that they would get some payment soon.

So the 15th comes around and I make my payment no problem. Then the next payment came due on July 23rd. Jason had just gotten home and put in his request for reimbursment. However we hadn't been reimbursed yet. So I sit her waiting until that gets taken care of. Well it's been almost two weeks since the travel voucher was put in, so I'm starting to get anxious. I call the finance office and leave a message. Then I let Jason know what's going on so he called them. Apparently they can't/won't talk to me because my POA doesn't not state specifically "travel expenses". So Jason finds out they they are only paying $150 and that is going directly to his travel card. So I'm wondering why they won't reimburse for the lodging that he had to put on our personal account. I don't care if they reimburse for food, but the lodging AT LEAST should be taken care of. Well it turns out that Jason filed the paperwork incorrectly and when the person in finance took it, they never went over it with him to make sure everything was there.

So now Jason has to refile and it'll take a couple more weeks to get reimbursed. So here's the really stressful part. The car financing company called me on Thursday and reminded me that I'm behind on the van payment. I told them AGAIN that we are waiting for reimbursement. So the lady on the phone states that they want the full amount paid by Aug. 3rd. At the time I thought it would be no problem since we would be getting reimbursed soon. Well guess what... today is August 2nd and we found out TODAY about the travel voucher problems.

So I swallowed my pride and called my brother to borrow some money to get these people paid off. He asked how much I needed and I wasn't sure. I told him I needed to figure out how much I have in my account and then I'd call him back and let him know. Well I figured out how much I needed and it is just WAY TOO MUCH for me to ask of him. So I called him back and told him nevermind, I'll just wait until the travel voucher problem is resolved. So I got online and paid the $100 I had already saved for the van. Still short by quite a bit. Now I'm sitting here trying to relax from such a stressful morning when I get a phone call.... it's my brother.

He asks me how much my van payment is and I tell him. Then he tells me that he's gonna pay it for me and I don't need to pay him back. Suddenly I break down crying. (I'm crying just replaying it in my head) I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful brother. And you can bet I will do everything I can to repay him as soon as possible. I just can't believe that he would do this for me. Okay my eyes are all clouded up again, so I'll have to finish this post later.

{Monday, August 01, 2005} What A PITA
For those of you who don't know all the details...
I was at a girls night out last Monday and my friend Andrea's house. It was such a great night, we soaked our feet and painted our toenails. Then we did bedtime facials, and then stuffed our faces with chocolate treats. But then as we were finishing up stuffing ourselves there was a knock at Andrea's door. When she opened it, this lady told her that she backed into a car that was parked in front of her house. So we all go outside and find out that she backed into my car. Well it's not "my" car exactly, it's Jason's car. She had overloaded her company van and wasn't able to shut the trunk so she tied it down. Since it wouldn't shut, the dome light wouldn't turn off, and it was dusk so with the light on she couldn't see too well. Well even though she couldn't see she proceeded to back out and ran right into the front driverside of my car. She broke the light and dented the car, and then where the trunk wasn't shut the bottom of the trunk door scraped the top of my car and took out a nice chunk.

I called the cops and they told me that since there were no injuries that we should exchange our information and go down to a police sub-station near by and file a report within 5 business days. Okay no big deal right??? WRONG!!!! She didn't want to give me her insurance information because she wanted to pay for this out of her pocket. I was lucky I got her license plate number and the name of the company she worked for. (She was driving her company car at the time) She seemed like she was pretty honest considering she didn't just leave after backing into me. So I got her name and her cell number and she told me to call her as soon as I got an estimate.

Okay so two days later I went and filed the police report. The day after that (Thursday) Jason got the estimate on his car. Turns out it's gonna cost a bit over $600. I called her on her cell immediately and she didn't answer, so I left a message. Well she never called me back so I started tracking down the insurance information. I called three different numbers at her work place and finally got the voice mail of who I was supposed to speak with. Needless to say she didn't call me back. I figured since it was Friday by the time I got her name she may be busy or out of the office for an early weekend.

So then today I call again and I get no answer, not even a voice mail. So I call the state office and see if I can get the information from then. NOPE!! But they did say that if this lady doesn't call me back by the end of the day I need to call them first thing in the morning.

Well, SHE FINALLY CALLED ME BACK!!! YAY!!!! But she said a funny thing while I was on the phone with her. She asked me why I didn't want to file a police report. UM HELLO.... I DID file a report, it was the other lady who didn't want to go through any of this. Apparently she told the director about the accident but didn't tell her the total truth. So now I'm dealing with this lady thinking I'm lying about the whole thing, BUT I finally get the insurance information and call and file a claim. Hopefully that's all it'll take and I won't have any more problems. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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