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{Thursday, September 13, 2007} Guess I'm in Trouble Now
First off I want to say I'm sorry for not updating sooner. With J getting home from deployment and the kids starting school I'm finding it difficult to get into a new routine that allows me my 15 hours of computer time. I know, I know excuses. But I promise as soon as I get my routine down I'll be able to update more often.

So I have a bit of an issue. It makes me feel OLD. I'm so not ready for this. Okay here's the deal. R is 10 yrs old, right? He's in fifth grade. He's been in school for a whopping seven days, well actually six because he missed today. So what's my problem you ask? He has FOUR girls hanging around my house from the time school gets out until it's time for them to go home around 730. That's four hours of girls at my house. FOUR HOURS!! He does have boy friends but none of them stay here that long. The boys are in and out of the house and they don't center completely around R. These girls are all about R. If R wants to go somewhere they follow him out. When he comes home they are following him back inside. Then today, since he missed school, they all walked here to make sure he wasn't dying. How am I supposed to handle this? Isn't he too young to be so involved with girls? Ugh, I never thought I would be stressing so much.


Anonymous kathy said...

My daughter is the same age as your son, and I finally had to limit the visits to 90 minutes. She needs to do homework & chores, and it's kind of stressful having so many kids around.
Good luck!

10:51 AM  

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