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{Wednesday, August 22, 2007} Dear person who lives down the road
Please keep your big black dog locked up. It may be a family dog to you, but when it gets out it gets scared. And I don't appreciate having to keep my kids locked up in the house because there is this huge, scared dog that somehow jumped the fence and is now in my back yard. My kids have been taught to stay away from animals but even they don't listen all the time. I don't need to be scared to let my kids out into MY back yard because of YOUR dog. Oh and while I'm at this little letter, I'm not too fond of having your big dog barking and growling at me and my neighbor while we're in my house.

That's not cool. You'd better hope the cops don't find your dog before you. You bet I called them. When your dog poses a threat to me or anyone in my family I don't hesitate to call. You're just lucky your dog decided to jump the fence again. Hopefully he didn't attack any other kids that were out playing today.


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