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{Monday, March 13, 2006} I Know, I Know
As much as I would like to get online and blog away every day, things just aren't working out that way lately.

Since Thursday night I've been working on my house as much as possible. So far I've only gotten my shower completely done, but I feel good about it. I've had to scrub that thing several times to get rid of all of the hard water spots, but now it's just like new. Next I'm tackling my bathroom floor. It's nothing but 1 inch x 1 inch tiles and it's NASTY. I'm probably going to be spending the next 3 days or so scrubbing the grout. Then I'll be washing all the marker and crayon off my walls. I'm really gonna miss the kids' artwork.

So if you don't see me online the rest of this week you'll know why.

{Thursday, March 09, 2006} The Start of a New Chapter
Today was my last day of work. I almost started crying when I was walking out. I didn't want to leave, I love it there. M told me that I could go home anytime after 3:00, but I stayed until I had all of my work done. It felt so good to know that I wasn't leaving them with a pile of unfinished stuff.

Even though it was really sad leaving, I'm excited about the new adventure I'm about to start. Tomorrow morning I'll start really cleaning my house, beginning with the master bath. I have some serious hard water that I need to get off my glass shower doors. I have it all planned out, I'll be taking on one room a day and taking the whole day to get it to my liking.

Oh yeah and tomorrow I'm not just working on my bathroom, I also have to take my car in for servicing, pick up the dry cleaning and get ready for the annual awards banquet tomorrow evening. It's a semi-formal event so I'll have to take a good 3 hours of primping before being ready to go.

Wonder how much of this I will actually get done. In a perfect world I'll have it all done with time to spare.

{Tuesday, March 07, 2006} It's funny to see
I've been somewhat catching up with some of my old friends from Salt Lake. It's so funny to see how different our lives are now.

I hadn't seen anyone for nearly 9 years now. In that time I moved away, got married and had three beautiful children.

Most of my old friends are still hanging out at the same dance club we used to, still partying Thursday through Sunday, still single and childless. Most are living with roommates and basically still living like we did oh so long ago.

I just can't get over the difference between all of us now. And back then I remember thinking it was always going to be like that. I guess they did too and they've kept to that mind frame.

It's funny how our choices can change us so dramatically.

{Monday, March 06, 2006} I can't keep my mind on work
This is my last week of work and it's proving to be extremely difficult. I have a TON of work that I need to do, but I can't do it until later. I need to train this girl on my stuff so she can train the new girl when she starts in two weeks.

Right now I SHOULD be getting my check list in order so I know what I'm training on at what moment. But instead I keep thinking about what I need to do at my house to get things ready for our move.

I keep thinking about what needs to be cleaned and when I'm gonna clean what so that our inspection passes the first time.

I've never been in anxious IN MY LIFE!

{Sunday, March 05, 2006} Bittersweet Day
Today is the last day of races for us. Since we still have so much to do before the move we can't take anymore time out to go to the track. I'm rather bummed about it because R loves to race but it's exciting because it means were that much closer to getting out of here.

{Thursday, March 02, 2006} Going Away Party
Js shop likes to sorta of throw a going away party for the guys, and their family, that are leaving. It's usually nothing big, just picking a decent restaurant and going out to dinner. The people in the shop are a really tight group so most everyone shows up.

Well I've been asking J to find out when his going away will be so that my mom doesn't plan hers for the same day. So when I got home from work yesterday J let me know about the "party". Apparently the head of the shop doesn't want to take the time to put something together. Like it's so hard to say hey we're all meeting at Hooter's on Saturday.

Anyway, since Mr. Important decided he doesn't want to do this, some of the guys got together and made plans. So they've decided to grill out at someone's house. Unfortuantely this isn't a family friendly event. This is NOT an event that I can take my kids to, nor would I want them around this sort of thing. When ever these guys grill out, it's more of an excuse to get drunk and that's about it.

J wants me to ask my mom to watch the kids so I can go, but I feel bad. First off my mom is watching the kids the weekend before so we can go to an awards banquet. Second this is supposed to be a family thing and now it's not.

I'm pretty bugged about the whole thing. But what can I do?

{Wednesday, March 01, 2006} I need to be in control
Those of you that know me know that I NEED to be in CONTROL of every little situation that arises. Because of this I have been planning out every little detail of our move that I possible can. Now being that the government is moving us, there's not too much I can do, but you can bet I'm overplanning what I can. I'm planning "Plan C" right now.

Anyway, in my quest to have the easiest move possible I have found a very informative link. If you'd like to check it out: American Moving and Storage Association

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