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{Thursday, September 29, 2005} I found a new love
Ever since I started working at this new company I've fallen in love. We use FireFox for our internet and I absolutely LOVE it. The pages load so quickly and I haven't had any pop up problems either. I've gotten to like it so much that I talked my hubby into downloading it at home and he actually LIKES it. I was really surprised because he NEVER likes what I suggest for the computer.

Anyway, if you haven't downloaded Firefox yet I highly suggest you do. It's totally free and you'll never regret it. You can download by clicking on the button in my sidebar, if you don't feel like searching for it on the web.

Get Firefox!

{Wednesday, September 28, 2005} Just Sitting Here
Well today is a pretty laid back day. I came to work and finished everything in about an hour. Now I'm just sitting here daydreaming about all the cute English guys that we are contracted with. LOL Actually I was chatting with a co-worker and she was dealing with one of our contractors and she happened to mention that she wondered what a lot of these guys looked like because they just sound so darn cute. So I came up with the idea that we need to make them attach their photo into their signature on their email. Then we can see if they really are cute or if it's just their accents. LOL

So I'm pretty excited, I'm going to attempt to take R to his races tomorrow. I haven't taken him since I started working because I got home so close to the time to leave and we still needed to make/eat dinner. This week I'm planning ahead. I'm trying out new ideas on how to get everything done in a timely manor since I'll be doing EVERYTHING by myself in about two weeks. And I'll be doig by myself for about four months. So I figure now is the time to get everything in order, that way I don't have to do the whole trial and error thing when J is gone.

So I guess I'm gonna go jump on NeoPets for a while. I haven't been there in a couple of weeks and I'm pretty sure my pet is close to dead. Looks like that's how I'll be spending all of my time today. WOOHOO!

{Tuesday, September 27, 2005} Bad Mom Moment
So yesterday we were all sitting as a family eating dinner at the dining table. This is a rare occasion in our household. Then suddenly A (who is barely 2) got off his chair and stared grunting. I asked him if he was trying to go potty and he said yes. Then he walked away from the table. I assumed he was done eating and let him do his thing before I changed him. That also gave me time to finish eating before the smell spoiled my appetite. So just as I finish eating I realize that A is no where in my eye range. Then I hear some noise coming from the bathroom. So I'm thinking to myself "great he's playing around in there again." I then get up and head to the bathroom only to find that he has put the little potty seat on the toilette and has pulled his pants down to his ankles. Now he was struggling with getting his onsie unsnapped and his diaper off. I felt so bad, if I had only realized that he wanted to use the potty he probably would have made it. I haven't even attempted to potty train him since he's so young and my oldest son was so difficult to train. Not to mention he hadn't shown any signs that he was ready to train yet.

But on a happy note, he's looks like he might be ready to start potty training. Maybe it'll end up being easy like it was for my daughter. Time to go buy some pull ups or training pants. WOOHOO!!!

{Monday, September 26, 2005} I feel MUCH better today
Well I've had the weekend to cool down so I feel much better this morning. J ended up going with us to the birthday parties that we had. I explained to him that these were the last parties we would be going to since we're moving in the spring. He finally understood where I was coming from and agreed to go. He did tell me that he would be going to LarryBoy's house this coming weekend, and I am fine with that since we have nothing planned but R's races. Then he calls me this morning to let me know that LarryBoy is going out of town on Friday and will be gone for three weeks so it looks like J won't be able to hang out with him before he leaves afterall. Now I sorta feel bad because I feel like I kept him from hanging with his friend, but I honestly thought there would be another chance. And I think family is more important than friends. Not saying friends aren't important, but family has a higher priority.

I forgot what it's like to be in the "real" world. For so long my life as revolved around my kids and what I could do for them and now I'm working and I actually have "me" to consider once in a while. I'm the receptionist/administrative assistant for this company so I sit in the front since I greet everyone who comes in. Of course I have yet to greet anyone LOL this is a very small business and we hardly have visitors. But we were in a building with several other companies. My door is closed but I have a HUGE floor to ceiling window right next to the door. This morning I was walking back inside from checking the mail when a guy from down the hall was walking out. He held the door for me and at the same time looked me up and down. And it wasn't a subtle look either. He was VERY obvious about it. I right away though "OMG my bra is showing or something is out of place. I'm not used to having people look at me. Usually when they see me with my kids they turn the other way and run. LOL

So I get back into the office and I'm sitting quietly at my desk with nothing to do. And I start noticing that this guy keeps walking past my door and looking in. And it's not a quick glance like most people do (you know uncovered window I wonder what's inside), no he is STARING. I honestly feel like an animal at the zoo. I'm sitting here behind my protective glass and HE keeps looking at what's on display. On one hand "WOOHOO I still have it" but on the other hand I'm not looking, nor am I interested.

{Friday, September 23, 2005} My man SUCKS!!!
This is a warning: this post is pretty much going to be a ranting about how utterly inconsiderate J is.

So yesterday J emails me at work and tells me that he wants to go over to LarryBoy's house this weekend. I wrote him back and let him know I would rather he not go. But I can't stop him, after all he is his own person and I am only his wife, not his mom. Then last night I remembered that we have two birthday parties we have to attend this weekend. One is my nephew's and the other is for a cousin of mine who is very special to us. Oh yeah and she has a HUGE crush on J. Well this morning J emails me at work again asking what time the parties were at. I told him my cousin's party is Saturday and my nephew's is on Sunday. So he writes back that he is going to LarryBoy's house on Saturday. I asked him if he was going in the evening or during my cousin's party. He said he will be going during the party. His reason???

"I want to got to the party but I want to go to LarryBoy's because this is pretty much the last weekend that I will be able to go before I go back to Oklahoma."

Okay how would you feel about something like that? We, as a family, have not spent any time together since I started working and our first full weekend together he decides to go to his friend's house. What is wrong with this picture?

OMG my blood was boiling sky high when I got this. Needless to say I was very short when I wrote back. All I said was "Well I can see where your priorities are right now."

I'm still furious, and I doubt I'll get over it any time soon. Makes me glad I'm at work right now, otherwise I'd be home throwing all of his junk out on the front lawn.

{Thursday, September 22, 2005} Trouble in Paradise
I got home from work yesterday and I had a message on my answering machine from R's school. Apparently he's become quite the problem child. His teacher has been sending home notes every Monday afternoon letting me know how he did the previous week. Well these notes are getting worse and worse. Then last night. OY So I call his teacher back first thing this morning and find out that he is disturbing the class REALLY BAD. The teacher is now spending more time dealing with R than actually teaching, which in turn puts the class behind in their work and where they need to be at. Oh yeah, he's also not turning in his homework. I know he's doing the homework at home because I sit down with him each afternoon and help him. So why is he not turning the work in? It makes no sense to me. Oh yeah so now she's also going to keep him in during recess to have him complete his work.

I don't know what to do with this boy, it's only in his language arts class that he's doing this. I know he's had problems with not talking/paying attention in the past, but it has never been this bad. I feel so bad for his teacher having to deal with this. I'm going to call his Dr. tomorrow and see if I can get him in for another psych appointment soon. I'm wondering if my going back to work (a major life change for him) is having any affect on him.

{Monday, September 19, 2005} I'm at work
Oh this is so insane. I didn't think I'd be back to work so soon. But it's so cool, I actually feel like a "grown up". LMAO I did do the temp agency for two days. I wasn't too sure about it though. The lady who hired me told me that she would only place me in a permanent job since that was what I was requesting. However when I got the job it was NOTHING like I had been told it would be AND it was NOT permanent. Well I guess it was kind of permanent, the staff consisted of mostly temps and most of them had been there for over a year and they were all fighting for the same job opening IF something actually opened up. Needless to say, I only worked Thursday and Friday and that was it. Thursday morning I got a call back from one company I applied back and they offered me a really good job paying the same as the temp job did. I told them I already had a job but that I was starting that very morning and to let me see how it goes. By lunch time I called the company back and accepted the position. That is where I am today. It's been really nice and the people are REALLY friendly. I think I'm really gonna like working here.

Oh yeah, on Friday, R. sprained his Achilles (sp?) tendon and has been laid up all weekend. I really think the doctor should have give him some crutches for him to use, but he wanted him off of his feet. So today I had to send him to school limping and walking like a gimp. Oh and that also means no more racing until he is fully healed up, which according to the doctor could be a couple of weeks. So that puts a bit of extra money in my pocket VICTORIA SECRET HERE I COME!!!

{Tuesday, September 13, 2005} I GOT A JOB!!!!
Oh I'm so excited, I finally got a job. It's temp to hire but that's fine since I have to move in March I'm not looking for anything real long term. But I am wanting to make some money while I'm waiting for everything to happen.

Anyway, I'll be doing the exact same thing I did in Salt Lake before I moved here. I'll be processing medical insurance claims for a local insurance company. And something that's real cool is that it's real close to my house so I won't be burning too much gas to get there. Oh and the kids are excited about going to "school" and Randee can't wait to go to the boys and girls club. WOOHOO!!!!!!!

{Friday, September 09, 2005} Ah the lazy days, how I miss them
Wow my week has been going nonstop. It's been kinda nice, but now I'm ready for a nice long break. I went to three different job interviews in the past two days but I'm not sure how I feel about them. There is one position I'm really interested in, but since I'm going to be moving out of state in about 6 months I would feel really bad about starting up with them and then leaving them hanging. The other two positions seem really slow and boring. So I guess come Monday I'll be going to a staffing agency and signing up with them. And up front I'll be telling them that we're leaving end of March so I would like a temp position. Maybe that's the way to go for now.

Oh and last night turned out to be R.'s first night back at the track. The weather hasn't been too kind to us lately so the tracks have been closed due to flooding and such. But for being gone from the track for 3 weeks it was pretty good. He came in 3rd against 9 yr old experts. I just think that is so cool since he's an 8 novice and he's only been a novice for a month now. Now if we can just get him to work just a tad harder he'll have the State Championship race in the bag. This is one of those times that I hate being such a competitive person, because I start looking at all the other kids and thinking "Yeah, my son can kick your butt" or I see a couple that I hope and pray that R. doesn't have to race against them cause I know he won't win. Is that bad? LOL

Well I'm off to catch up on all my fellow bloggers out there. I'll be back tomorrow after the Leo Rantanen race.

{Wednesday, September 07, 2005} Oh so busy
Wow where has this week gone? Last I remember it was Sunday and now it's Wednesday. I can't believe it, and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. Well I guess I have done a couple of things. I've sent out so many resumes I can't even count and I've scheduled several job interviews. So I guess that's good. I'm really excited I've been itching to get back into the working world for quite some time, and now I'm actually gonna do it. WOOHOO!!!!

So the rest of my week is going to be just CRAZY. R. has a state championship race this weekend and he's had a good week and a half off of his races due to weather and lack of gas to get to the tracks. So starting this evening through Sunday evening we'll be spending all of our free time at the track to get back into the groove the things. Wish us luck, this will determine his state rank for next year. It'd be nice to start the year off with a good number.

And when I'm not at the track I'll be driving all over town to several different interviews. Oh what fun, I love being busy.

{Sunday, September 04, 2005} The Cook
I know I'm no chef, but people don't need to act like everything I cook is going to kill them. So what if the only flavor it has is that of a piece of charcoal. At least I was careful enough not to serve up any of the black stuff. I spent so much time in that kitchen trying to pick out only the best parts to serve.

That should count for something, shouldn't it?

Wanting to help
Some fellow Discovery Toys consultants and I have decided to collect toys and games for the children who have been victimized from this horrible hurricane. We feel that they could really use something to take their minds off of this bad situation. We are being sponsored by the Salvation Army in Pasadena, TX. We would like to reach as many children as possible. Anyone interested in helping us out, please comment here and I'll contact you with more details.

Let's help the children be children.

{Friday, September 02, 2005} It's mine if I want it
Well I went to that job interview yesterday. It seemed like a really cool place to work. My actual title would be receptionist, however I wouldn't just be answering phone calls, I would also be booking appointments for the stylists (did I mention this was a salon?), I would be helping them keep their work area clean, I would be passing out samples of food and drink (oh yeah it's a cafe too), including alcoholic beverages and I would be working the cash register for anyone who buys food/drink, has a salon service done OR buys one of their very unique greeting cards. Yeah this place had a little of everything. But it was a really cool atmosphere (except for the sweltering heat and all the flies) and it was very relaxed. Most of the women working there had on ripped up jeans and tank tops with no bras. Guess that's why about 70% of the the clients are men. LOL

Anyway, it only paid $6 an hour and I would never be able to cover child care for my three kids at that rate. So I told them nevermind. I came home a bit bummed out, but hey it's my first interview in over 3 years. I'm sure there are more that are gonna come my way. And yea as soon as I got home and checked my email I had an another company who wanted to set up an interview. Now I know this will be nothing like Laru Ni Hati (the place I went to yesterday) but it's comfortable for me. I'm very used to working in a formal office setting and dealing with medical insurance. So my interview is next Thursday, and I'm gonna need all the luck I can get.

BTW, thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes yesterday.

{Thursday, September 01, 2005} WOOHOO!!!!!
I'm so excited, I have a job interview today!! I didn't think I'd get an interview this fast. This is for a salon and cafe so it's an environment I've never worked in before. I did work for a bed and breakfast when I was younger but I'm thinking this isn't the same thing. At the bed and breakfast we knew that the guests were only there to have sex. LOL

Now I need to go out and buy something nice to wear. Right now the only thing I have in my closet is jeans, shorts and t-shirts. Wish me luck. :D

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