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{Friday, September 23, 2005} My man SUCKS!!!
This is a warning: this post is pretty much going to be a ranting about how utterly inconsiderate J is.

So yesterday J emails me at work and tells me that he wants to go over to LarryBoy's house this weekend. I wrote him back and let him know I would rather he not go. But I can't stop him, after all he is his own person and I am only his wife, not his mom. Then last night I remembered that we have two birthday parties we have to attend this weekend. One is my nephew's and the other is for a cousin of mine who is very special to us. Oh yeah and she has a HUGE crush on J. Well this morning J emails me at work again asking what time the parties were at. I told him my cousin's party is Saturday and my nephew's is on Sunday. So he writes back that he is going to LarryBoy's house on Saturday. I asked him if he was going in the evening or during my cousin's party. He said he will be going during the party. His reason???

"I want to got to the party but I want to go to LarryBoy's because this is pretty much the last weekend that I will be able to go before I go back to Oklahoma."

Okay how would you feel about something like that? We, as a family, have not spent any time together since I started working and our first full weekend together he decides to go to his friend's house. What is wrong with this picture?

OMG my blood was boiling sky high when I got this. Needless to say I was very short when I wrote back. All I said was "Well I can see where your priorities are right now."

I'm still furious, and I doubt I'll get over it any time soon. Makes me glad I'm at work right now, otherwise I'd be home throwing all of his junk out on the front lawn.


Blogger This girl said...

Inconsiderate, yes... but not the end of the world and you know why i'm saying this. It could be soooo much worse. You have every right to fume and even throw some stuff out. I've always wanted to do that but we have no lawn! lol.

6:26 PM  

Blogger K said...

Awww, don't throw all of his stuff out hun...

some of it might be worth some money!!! Hahaha

10:13 PM  

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