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{Wednesday, August 31, 2005} What a day
I sent out several resumes yesterday. I really wasn't expecting to hear anything back since I've been out of the work force for over 3 years. It was so funny when I was sending out resumes, most of these people wanted it emailed to them. Last time I was looking for a job all the employers wanted the resume either faxed or hand delivered. This was so nice I could look for a job while still in my jammies. LOL Well anyway, this morning I had an email about one of the resumes I had sent out. It was for a receptionist position. I had no idea what this company was, since I sent so many out yesterday I lost track. This is for a spa/cafe. I thought that would be pretty cool, until he started asking how many hours I wanted to work each week, what shift I wanted and if I have my servers certificate. Okay first off, it never donned on me that a "normal" receptionist would work anything besides days. And second, why would I need a servers certificate to greet customers? What is a servers certificate anyway?? Needless to say, I didn't go much farther with that job.

Then later this morning I found out that my friends dog died. She got sick about a month ago and the vet seemed to think that the dog had been poisoned. Who could be so cruel to poison an innocent animal? Well this poor dog kept getting sicker and sicker and there was nothing they could do about it. And last night at 7:00 pm she died.

And lastly, remember the injured bird from a couple weeks ago? I got a call from the wildlife refuge today and the bird didn't make it. There was too much trauma and he died a couple days after I took him in. Now I don't know if it's the PMS in me, or cause I'm a nerd, but I actually started crying when the lady told me.


Blogger t~ said...

we can chalk it up to PMS, but I'm more inclined to think that it's our ability to get attached to such helpless creatures in our desire to help them. I'm most certainly not immune to tears when it comes to animals.

4:49 PM  

Blogger Big D said...

I love you blog design. Did you do it or is it a template?

7:32 PM  

Anonymous Kiki said...

Good luck on the job search! I hope you find something really soon (and something you really like). I'm so sorry about the dog and the bird. Stuff like that makes me cry too.

P.S I tried finding a cause that is taking toys for Katrina relief and I couldn't find one. I'll keep looking though :)

7:47 AM  

Blogger funlearning said...

Thanks for the compliment on the design. It was actually designed by Stacey at chasethestars.com Her designs ROCK!

12:22 PM  

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