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{Thursday, August 25, 2005} See it Jiggle
I never realized that going 2 weeks without exercising would totally change the way your body looks. I've been following a program called Slim in 6 since end of February. After my first 6 weeks I LOVED the way I looked, but I still felt like I had a little more to go. I had already lost 14 lbs and only needed to lose 8 more to get to my ideal body weight. And my over body was so much more toned. I don't remember ever being so firm in my life.

Well when J. went away for training this last time I started getting kind of lax on my work outs. I had already changed my eating habits for the better, so I wasn't worried about that. But now it's been two weeks since I last worked out. AND for some reason I can't stop eating junk food. It's like my body is craving it BAD. So now I've gain 4 lbs, which isn't bad considering, but I can't believe how jiggly I've gotten.

So anyone else out there in the diet/exercise world do NOT, I repeat, NOT stop exercising. You'll hate yourself afterwards. Now I'm off to chew on a celery stick and try to convince myself to start working out again.


Blogger Christopher Trottier said...

Bottom line: you got to be content with who you are.

3:30 PM  

Blogger Giulia said...

I've put on some weight during the last year and I feel dreadful but I'm going to the gym in a couple of months and I don't plan to stop at all :D

4:18 PM  

Blogger K said...

Haha, you fat ass.

You're so beautiful. I don't think many people would look passed your face anyway.

4:18 PM  

Blogger Car Gal said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

5:29 AM  

Blogger t~ said...

Hey, I tried the slim in six series... I also have the power 90 series, too. I didn't have the commitment necessary to stick with it though. The repetition really got me bored. I do still use a lot of their tools like the food chart and the diet plans. That's cool you've seen so much progress with it.

And yes, I hear you on the missed workouts. It makes a huge difference. Anyway, came across your blog through my stat counter. Apparently we shared a common visitor. Salud!

7:57 PM  

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