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{Tuesday, December 12, 2006} Are you getting ready for the holidays?
We're trying, as best we can, to get ready for Christmas. It's a bit more difficult than in years past due to my working. I'm used to heading out for some shopping anytime I feel like it. Now I'm limited to shopping only on the weekends. And to make things even more difficult, I've been working every Saturday for the past month or so. So that pretty much leaves Sunday for my holiday shopping, grocery shopping, cleaning house, and somehow spending time with the family.

Oh yeah and every evening/night I spent most of the time sitting up, worrying and wondering when I'm going to be taking my mom to the ER again. Her asthma has been really acting up and it really scares me. I've seen her get to the point where she totally stops breathing several times. All because she's too stubborn to go to the doctor early on in her attack. So I haven't been sleeping too well due to the worry.

J texted me today to give me some bad news. He's been called to go on a last minute mission that can last however long. What great timing! It's just before Christmas and there's a very big chance that he's going to miss it. So now I have to decide, do we want to hold off on celebrating Christmas until he gets home, or do we celebrate it without him? I'm leaning towards holding off but letting the kids open their presents from Santa. I figure they wait for so long for Santa to come along, I don't want them to miss out on the fun of opening his presents Christmas morning. What would you do?

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