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{Wednesday, January 23, 2008} Today is a sad day
I came home from work this morning, anxious to check my email. I keep waiting for updates on Jeremy (a little boy we met towards the end of Kelsey's radiation treatment). He hasn't been doing too well lately but I guess I didn't realize just how bad off he really has been. Well when I checked my email I got the sad/horrible news. Jeremy earned his angel wings this afternoon. I know I should be happy for him because he is no longer in pain but my heart is aching. He was just 7 yrs old.

Then I checked on another family that I hold close to my heart. King Juju. He passed away recently too. His mom is trying to be strong but honestly how strong can you be when you lose a child? He was only 4 yrs old. His mom put a special tribute up on his site for those who can't be there tonight or tomorrow for services.

Honestly it's been a rough month. I'm starting to not like January.


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