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{Thursday, August 23, 2007} Family Pet
What do you do when your family pet turns on your kids?

I have a beautiful 3 yr old Bichon Frise. I also have three children. R is 9, K is 5 and A is 4. Two years ago, when R was starting his BMX racing, Drix (the dog) decided he didn't like R. I bought R some new leathers for his racing and Drix went nuts. Everytime R wore his leathers Drix would growl and snarl at R. Several times he tried to bite R but was never able to. Over these past two years Drix has randomly snapped at R. Hubby always insisted that R did something to provoke Drix. I'd never seen him do anything, but I couldn't say for sure that he hadn't. So I just advised R to be overly cautious around Drix.

Two weeks ago A was sitting on the living room floor eating a snack. Drix was happily laying in his crate. Suddenly he walked out of his crate, walked over to A and bit his leg. I know for a fact that A hadn't done anything to Drix. A was more scared than anything, but still Drix bit my baby.

Fastforward to today. We went to go pick up some lunch so I put Drix in his crate. He's always crated when we leave the house. When we got home K opened Drix's crate to let him out. She struggled for a minute to get the crate door open. I walked over towards her to help her out but she got the door open before I was able to help. As soon as she opened the crate door Drix lunged at her and bit her hand. He ended up breaking the skin on her finger.

I emailed hubby and told him that was the last draw. I saw him bite her for absolutely NO REASON, just like he had done to A. So now I'm trying to decide what I need to do with the dog. I really don't want to put him down unless that's my only option. I'm hoping to place him in a home with no children but I don't know how possible it's going to be. I'm scared to take him to a shelter for fear that he'll end up with another family that has kids.


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