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{Thursday, August 16, 2007} I NEED CONTROL
R has a sinus infection. For the last couple of days he's been complaining of a headache. I've given him Motrin and it's been fine afterwards. Then today I ran out of Motrin. He started really complaining about his head hurting so I gave him some children's Tylenol that I had on hand. Well it didn't help. The pain got so bad that he was laying on the floor grabbing onto his head screaming and crying in pain. I called the pediatric clinic and they advised me to take him to urgent care. So we hopped into the car and sped off. Half way there Randee suddenly became very quiet and kinda passed out. When he opened his eyes back up he said he was really tired. I called the clinic back and asked them, with the new circumstances, if I should still go to urgent care or if I should head to the ER. I was thinking ER but they told me to just go to urgent care. When we got there R walked in but was really wobbly. They took us back right away. The doctor suspected sinus infection but wanted to confer with her partner to rule out any other possibilities. She came back and sent R for x-ray to rule out sinus infection. When we got back from x-ray she said there was a little bit of fluid in his right sinus that we need to treat. But she also said she didn't think it was enough to cause the severe pain and other symptoms he was experiencing. So right now we're treating the sinus infection and I have to keep an eye on him. If he ends up with these symptoms again she told me to take him straight to the ER. Nice huh. I feel like it's K all over again.


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