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{Wednesday, July 18, 2007} Making a Difference
I've had this family in my heart since I met them last week. This beautiful little boy who is 7 yrs old (J) and his mom (M) have been in the hospital since July 3rd. They're a long way from home. His dad and his siblings come visit him approx three times a week. He has a tumor in his brainstem. I met them in the recovery room. He started radiation on July 11th. He had the same neurosurgeon as K. However his family decided against surgery. Since his tumor is in his brainstem Dr. L says with surgery he can only possibly remove 30%. They are giving him no more than 6 months to live.

His mom is going through a really tough time right now, as any parent would when they learn their precious child has brain cancer. She keeps beating herself up "I should have taken him to the doctor sooner." "I should have noticed the signs." I just have this deep desire to reach out to them. I talked to her briefly in the recovery room, but our time was up. K finished treatment. He's just beginning his treatment.

One of K's teachers gave me a very special rock. It's a clear rock with a little angel in it. It's a small reminder that you are not alone. I wrote a little note to M. I let her know if she needed ANYTHING to call me anytime or email me. I then stuck it with the angel rock and gave it to the radiation nurse. I wasn't too sure how M would feel receiving a gift from me since we just met and only spoke the one time. Today I got an email from her. She said that rock was just what she needed and she got it right when she needed it. It really made me feel good. But my heart is still heavy. I feel like she, and her whole family, need more support. When they're on the inpatient floor J stays in his room. He refuses to go out and walk. The family doesn't know anyone aside from the doctors and nurses they see everyday. I've been praying for this family since I met them. Now it's on my heart to show them more support. But I keep asking HOW. How can I show that they are not alone. That there are people out there praying for them. Then something came to mind today. What if I get all of my online friends to send them a card? I think back to when K was first diagnosed and how there was such an outpouring of support. The get well cards and support cards we received in those first few weeks ment so much to me. Now the question is, how do I ask everyone to send 1 card?


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