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{Tuesday, March 27, 2007} Quick Update on K
First off, I'm sort of relieved to announce that K's head issues are NOT related to the head injury she received a while back. The bad news....

She has a tumor in the middle of her brain. The neurosurgeon said there is no way it was caused by her injury. However now we are in the process of trying to figure out what to do. They will NOT remove the tumor due to where it is sitting. It is touching her brain stem. We were told, at her last appointment, that if they tried to remove the tumor she has a 50-80% chance of being completely paralyzed on the left side of her body. And that's IF she were to wake up at all. So removal is NOT an option.

We go in first thing tomorrow morning to have a biopsy done so they can test it and see if they can figure out a plan of action. I'll find out tomorrow how long we have to wait for results. But as soon as I find out I'll be sure to post.


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