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{Wednesday, March 12, 2008} One Year Anniversary
This is what I wrote in Kelsey's journal on March 12th, 2007.
Boy what a day it's been. Things started off pretty normal. You went to "school" and I went to work. You started to complain that your head was hurting shortly after I dropped you off. After nap time you were still complaining so the teacher called me to let me know. Right away I called Nana and she walked to pick you up. When she got there Miss Valene told her about your day. You didn't feel like playing at all. When you were out on the playground you only stood on the side holding Miss Ginger's hand. When you were inside you were laying in the cozy cubby.
Nana decided to take you home. When you got home Nana gave you some Motrin and you spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch, watching "kids tv". While I was at work I decided to take you to the emergency room as soon as I got home. At this point I decided you needed to be checked. The worst they could do is send us home, right?
When I got home I walked in, grabbed you and we loaded into the van. Nana stayed home with Randee and Aaron. When we got to the hospital the waiting room was pretty full and I thought we were going to have to wait a long time. Surprisingly they called you back quickly. The ER doctor thought you were having migraines. He was ready to send you home but decided to run a CT scan since you already had one scheduled.
You did SO GOOD during your scan. You pretended to be a statue. You were perfect and were done in a matter of minutes. When you finished your scan the tech gave you three sets of playing cards. They were Go Fish, Crazy Eights and a matching game. You kept talking about how Randee and Aaron were gonna be so jealous that you got something and they didn't. You also couldn't wait to open them and play. We sat in your exam room watching a My Little Pony movie, waiting for the doctor to come in and release you.
A short while later the doctor came in. You weren't released. The doctor had some unsuspected news. Your scan came back abnormal. You had some major fluid on your brain. The ventricles that hold cerebral spinal fluid were extremely backed up and swollen. When looking further into the scan they found the cause. There is a mass in your brain. The doctor isn't sure what it is but it's the size of a robin's egg and it's preventing the fluid from draining.
You were admitted immediately. You need to have surgery to relieve the pressure. The nurses came in to start and IV. They had a very difficult time getting a line started. The vein in your hand blew so they put it in your arm. You weren't very happy about it. When they were done poking you, you got more toys. This time you got a Barbie and Little Mermaid stamp kit. Then it was time to take you up to your room. You didn't want a wheelchair so the childlife specialist picked you up and carried you.
You are in the Pediatric Oncology unit. Not because of the tumor but because it's the only room they had available. Your room is purple. You didn't really care about the room though. You just keep saying you want to go home. I'd be the same way after the poking from the emergency room.
Before you fell asleep the nurses had to take our your IV line and repoke you. This time they put it in your right hand. You were not happy. Three nurses had to hold you down. You are a strong kid. After this poke you got a black kitten beanie baby. You said you want to give it to Aaron.
After getting your IV and toy you had a visitor. A little girl from down the hall. She's been here a week and is getting ready to go home. She heard you crying and wanted to make you feel better. She talked to you for a little while then gave you a Bratz doll. After her visit it was time for bed. We turned on some relaxing music and you went to sleep.

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