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{Monday, September 03, 2007} The experiement failed
Okay not completely. Saturday was a really good day. We spent the ENTIRE day with no electricity. I got so much accomplished. I washed dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, clean the kids' rooms, I was on a roll. Then I ran out of stuff to do so I laid on the couch and read a book. While all this was going on the kids were actually playing TOGETHER. They were in and outside of the house, mostly outside. But it was so nice, they didn't fight once. I honestly felt like I was dreaming. They went to the park and made some new friends and then disappeared. It got dark and my heart dropped. My kids were no where to be found. They had not checked in for a LONG time. I loaded into the car and started driving through all the nearby neighborhoods looking for them. It was really hard to see. I told my mom to call me on my cell if they showed up. Ten minutes after I started my search R showed up at home. My mom called to let me know. The problem was K and A weren't there. R left them behind because they couldn't "peg". He dropped them off in a neighborhood that they weren't familiar with, IN THE DARK! Did I mention that K is 5 yrs old and A is 4? Yeah I was a bit freaked. I drove home to grab R and have him show me where he left his little brother and sister. On my way I saw K and A walking home with a little girl they had met earlier in the day. I can't describe the elation I felt when I saw them. Anyway, they got home and went straight to bed. No supper that night and I didn't even need to light any candles. Anyway once they were asleep, I was still wired from adrenaline, I was sitting in the dark. I couldn't read because I was scared I would knock a candle over and cause a fire. Sitting in the living room, in the dark seemed dumb. And it was WAY TOO EARLY for me to go to bed. So I turned on the TV and watched something. What's sad is now is I can't even remember what I watched.

Sunday, the kids were grounded so they couldn't leave the house. They weren't near as nice to each other as they had been Saturday. I spent most of Sunday morning breaking up fights. It was horrible. So I broke down. I turned on the TV and popped in a movie. It was pure bliss. The kids sat quietly the entire 2.5 hours. In that time I was able to do all of the laundry (since I wasn't able to do it the day before). The kids seem to be more appreciative of what they have now. It's not as extreme as I had expected but it did help. I'm hoping that we can try it again and hopefully make it the full two days next time. Then we can move to three days, then four, etc.


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