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{Saturday, August 25, 2007} The most disrespectful kid
You know when you're out shopping and you hear that little kid who is yelling at his mom and calling her a bitch? Or the kid who acts like he runs the house? You know how you feel sorry for that mom but at the same time you're thinking " geeze lady learn how to control your kid"?

I have more and more empathy for those parents every day. Have you ever wondered how those families get to that point? Right now I'm wondering that very thing, hence my writing about it.

R was a very good little boy when he was younger. He was an easy baby, a fun loving toddler who very rarely threw tantrums. Honestly I never knew what the terrible 2's were until I had K. But somewhere after three and now R changed. Yeah I know kids grow up. But for R it's like some sort of switch was flipped; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Only Dr. Jekyll was back when R was young and sweet and innocent. It seems these days Mr. Hyde is living in my house 24/7.

R has developed this hatred for me. I can see it in his eyes when ever he looks at me. I've even found drawings in his room that show a gun shooting "mommy" and saying "kill mommy", "I hate you". These drawings were stashed where no one would ever be able to find them. The only reason I found them was because one day I decided to clean out his room and had to go through all of his drawers to get rid of all his accumulated trash. I'd like to think this hatred is only towards me but that's not realistic. I see him acting out towards K and A all the time too. He jumps on them and pounds on them like a wild animal going in for the kill. Then when I intervene he goes ballistic on me.

How did my sweet baby turn into this, this monster? I know many people are gonna say he has issues and needs counseling. He is in counseling. But counseling will only work if you are honest about everything. R, after one meeting, decided he doesn't like his counselor and refuses to open up to him. Right now I'm continuing to take him there. They are doing some neuropsych testing at the moment. Not even trying to delve into his "issues" yet. I don't know what else to do.

He doesn't care where we are when he lashes out at me. How do I instill some RESPECT in this boy?


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