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{Friday, August 17, 2007} Missing my baby
K was invited to her first ever slumber party. It is for the release of High School Musical 2. I didn't think she or her friends would really be interested in the movie considering they are 5 & 6 years old. But she wanted to go anyway. I think it was more because she was having a sleep over at her friend's house. I thought about it a lot and finally decided to let her go. I can't keep her sheltered forever, right? I talked to the friend's mom and told her that K is on her chemo right now. I also told her that if she didn't feel comfortable administering the chemo I totally understood. The big issue is that K has to have her chemo before bed. If she has it any other time of day she spends the rest of the day feeling really sick. And that's definitely not going to be fun at a slumber party now is it. This mom said she was perfectly fine administering the chemo considering it's just giving her five pills ( one for nausea & vomiting and four chemo pills). I made sure to go over every little detail with the mom and even gave her the rubber gloves she needed to be able to touch the pills.

K was SO EXCITED to be going to this sleep over. She'd been counting down the hours since she woke up this morning. She packed up all of her stuff last night before going to bed. It was really cute watching her. When the friend's mom showed up to pick her up K jumped into the car so fast she almost forgot to tell me bye. She definitely didn't take the time to give me a hug and kiss. I know she's okay and I totally trust this family but I still worry. This is my baby girl. The one I want to treasure every precious minute with. And here she is gone, away from home, for one night. This will be the first night I sleep without her since she came home from the hospital in May. My bed feels so empty. My house is so quite. My schedule is completely thrown off. I didn't have to administer any medication tonight. I didn't have to put a puke bucket next to the bed when she went down.

I miss her so much. Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough.


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