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{Tuesday, June 06, 2006} Making Plans
Well I've finally decided that I'm am going to get some plastic surgery. I am totally unhappy with my body. I'm working out on a regular basis, but there are certain areas that are not shrinking. So I'm going to get some lipo, a tummy tuck to get rid of the saggy skin, and breast implants. I'll finally have the boobs I've always wanted.

Any advice on how to help me recoup faster? Anything that might make healing time easier?

{Thursday, June 01, 2006} Oh SO PROUD
I can't believe it. I was out front yesterday, while the kids were playing, and two of my neighbors were outside. One lives next to me and the other one is just moving in across the street.

I got up my nerve and I started talking to them!!!! I about died! I went inside afterwards and told J about my accomplishment and he just laughed at me. I EVEN GOT THEIR NAMES!!!! That's more than a "hey there" or a "hi how are you". This was a REAL converstaion!! Granted it only lasted 5 minutes but that's 5 minutes more than I'd have had on a normal day.

Now let's just hope this keeps up and I don't go back into my shell.

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