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{Tuesday, January 31, 2006} I'm out of control
My emotions are all over the place today. I ended up putting the kids to bed early so that I could have a chance to calm myself down. Normally, if someone were home with me, they could stay up and I would just lock myself in my room. But with me being the only parent in the household right now that wasn't an option

I'm debating on going to the doctor about this. It seems like I get this way every couple of weeks. However with us moving in about a month, I'm wondering if it would be worth it to start now or wait until after the move. J should be home by this weekend and he won't be leaving again until 3-4 months after we're settled in our new home. So I'll have help and support from him.

What do you think? What would you do in this situation?

{Sunday, January 29, 2006} WHAT WAS I THINKING???
The ladies on my Milspouse board have been talking about MySpace for a while. Then the ladies on one of my mommies board started talking about it. Suddenly the morning show on my favorite radio station started talking about it. So I finally broke down and checked it out.

IDIOT me, started searching for people from my past. (That makes it sound so mysterious LOL) Next thing I know I'm looking up an old boyfriend. Am I that bored? Honestly what in my little brain would make me think to do that? Who knows. But the bad news is, I found him. Not only did I find him, I went one step further and sent him a message. As soon as I hit send I wanted to bad to take back what I had done. It reminds me of drunken phone calls in the middle of the night. Only I wasn't drinking and it was 8:30 in the MORNING.

This was the first guy I ever really cared about. He played a rather large part in the person that I have become. But this was 9 years ago. What the HELL was I doing sending him a message? I can just imagine what J is going to say as soon as he hears about this.

I AM AN IDIOT!!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING???? OBVIOUSLY I chose to let my old feelings take the drivers seat at that moment. SOMEBODY SHOOT ME.... PLEASE!!!!

{Saturday, January 28, 2006} I am NOT normal
I do NOT like shopping. I would even go so far to say I absolutely HATE it.

I had to go shopping today for some new jeans. First off, I'm so freaking short that even petites are too long. And my hips are so wide (from all my child bearing) that the waist has to be huge to get past them. Which in turn makes the waist too big for me.

I searched the mall for three hours. Going into every store that didn't threaten to dress me like a 13 yr old. I finally settled on two pairs of jeans. The waist is a bit big on me but I think I can get away with wearing a belt. Then it came time to find some decent shirts to wear with them that would still be appropriate for work. I found three.

All this time my kids are going NUTS. They just keep getting worse and worse from store to store. This added to the stress which caused me to really start not liking shopping. I honestly can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed shopping.

I think I'm done for a while. I think from now on, I'll just shop online.

{Thursday, January 26, 2006} I'm so excited
Jay texted me this morning to let me know that if his flight goes well tomorrow he could be coming home as early as NEXT WEEK!!!!! You read that right!

I'm so excited, I'm ready to have him home. As I write that I sit here laughing to myself. Just less than a month ago, when he was home for a short Christmas break, I couldn't wait until he left. I guess this is a bit different though, cause now that he comes back it'll be for good. No more leaving for training. Now the only time he'll leave is if he has to go to Iraq, or short 2-3 day stays for work. I think I can handle that a LOT easier than this 100+ day stuff.

Anyway, this is a concrete thing yet. It all depends on tomorrow. I'll keep everyone updated.

{Monday, January 23, 2006} How do you help someone
That says they want help, but doesn't do anything to help themselves?

I spent most of today filling out job applications and emailing resumes for my mom. I even went so far as rewrite her resume. Why? Because she doesn't seem to care enough to do it herself. However she will spend her entire day complaining about how much she hates her current job and how unhappy she is with her life. BUT won't do anything to fix te problem.

I'm tired of it. I have suddenly become the mother and it's not cool. I have three children of my own, I don't need anymore.

{Friday, January 20, 2006} OMG I'm so NOT READY for this
As my previous post states, I stayed home today. Since I'm not a total invalid I thought I'd try to get a little laundry done. So I headed into the boys' room and grabbed the dirty clothes. When I started sorting them into the hampers, I found the most HORRIBLE thing.

A pair of Rs navy blue boxer briefs has WHITE CRUSTIES!!! OMG it's too soon!!! I can't handle this!!!! GROSS!!!!!!

Taking a day off
It looks like I'm staying home from work today. My foot is still too sore to walk on it, and to limp my leg gets tired after just a short while. Andy my wrists are killing me from all the crutching.

This also means I will have an extremely short post because the pain is causing me to no be able to type well.

{Thursday, January 19, 2006} Anxious
J should be coming home by the end of the month, assuming the rest of his flights go well. This means that as soon as he gets home I'll be giving my notice.

I'm nervous and sad and excited all at the same time. I'm really sad because I LOVE my job. The people are wonderful. I'm excited because this will start a new chapter in our lives. And I'm nervous because of the new chapter, so much unknown. And I'm worried about how my co-workers and bosses are going to react.

I'm not planning on leaving until the end of February. But what if they let me go before then? What if they find someone to replace me pretty quickly and I'm no longer needed. I can't decide if giving them notice so soon is good or not. I know it's good so that they can find a replacement and I'll have the opportunity to train them properly before it's time for me to leave. But what if they let me go before I'm ready.

I'm so torn.

{Wednesday, January 18, 2006} Doctor Appointment Today
Well I made it into the doctor this morning, for a follow up on my foot. Things are looking good. I'll be stuck on crutches for a few more weeks, but the swelling is going down and now I'm just a blue/purple instead of a purple/black.

I think my hands are getting used to the crutches some because they didn't hurt nearly as bad today as they did yesterday.

I hope I'm fully used to this by the weekend. I have to take R to the bike track from so good practicing and I can't imagine trying to hobble through all that dirt if I'm not used to it.

{Tuesday, January 17, 2006} My Hands
Today, after I got to work, I realized my hands are hurting really bad. When I looked at them I noticed they are bleeding. Only it's under the skin. The problem is that the bleeding is getting worse each time I use my crutches.

I guess I need to find something to make this easier on my hands, otherwise it's gonna be a horrible 6 weeks.

{Monday, January 16, 2006} The Pain, The Pain
So yesterday I had a freak accident. I took the kids with me to get a couple of food items from the grocery store. While we were standing in like, K was playing around in front of me. Suddenly she slipped and fell backwards, landing on my foot.

Obviously her landing on my foot hurt. But I didn't think anything of it until I started to walk. I realized I couldn't walk very well. So I hobbled out to the car, and loaded the kids and the groceries in. Once we got home I unloaded the food and got the kids their dinner.

Once I was ready to sit and relax I took my shoes off. To my surprise I had a purple/black foot!!!! Okay time to freak out. I called my doctor on call and she told me to get to the ER. So I drive myself over, wearing my fuzzy purple slippers as I couldn't get my shoe back on without hurting. The doctor looked at my foot, and took an xray. He was concerned because all this injury happend from my 35 lb princess.

So it turns out she landed on me just right to break my toe right where it connects to my foot. So now I'm hobbling around in a post-op shoe, so I can't bend my toes, and crutches. And apparently I'm going to be doing this for the next six weeks. Oh joy.

{Friday, January 13, 2006} No I'm NOT Sick
Yes I feel okay. Just because you see me with no make up doesn't mean you have to find some way to tell me I look like crap. I know it. I can't help it.

It's not my fault the power went out at my house last night and that it didn't turn back on until right before I left for work this morning. It's not my fault that I had to take a cold shower this morning. It's not my fault that my alarm didn't wake me up. And it's definitely not my fault that I had to do everything by candle light.

So please, PLEASE, stop asking if I'm okay or not feeling well because I don't look good. I just don't have any make up on OKAY?!?!?!?!

{Wednesday, January 11, 2006} Look At The Bright Side
Okay so my mother in law is totally dysfunctional. We established that fact yesterday. However, now I'm very happy that she is dysfunctional AND that J listens and actually believes her embellished stories.

Js instructor came back from his flight early yesterday. J didn't get into too much trouble which is good. I asked J why the instructor came back so early, he was only gone for 3 hours. It turns out the plane ended up having some engine trouble and they had to make an emergecy landing minus one engine.

Everything was fine and they got the problem fixed, but I don't like the thought of J being up there with problems. So psycho mother in law saved the day.

{Tuesday, January 10, 2006} No Flying Today
Well it looks like J is gonne be gone just a bit longer than expected. He messed up pretty badly in his flight last week and had to redo it today. His instructor told him that if he messes up again today he will be staying longer. So J gets up extra early this morning to make it to the flightline ontime. When he gets there he starts talking to his instructor and proceeds to have an emotional break down. Which in turn makes it so he cannot fly today. NOT GOOD. This means he needs to get in another flight to make up this one which will keep him there for AT LEAST another three days. That really sucks when you consider we have a short time line to get things ready to move.

THEN I find out that the breakdown was caused by my dysfunctional mother in law. Apparently she talked to J last night and told him that his grandfather was in the hospital. According to her, he's on his death bed. He had an angioplasty and 3 pints of blood given to him. So J is freaking out because if his grandfather dies he can't go to the funeral due to this training.

Js instructor told him to get his family business in order so he can fly next time. J calls the hospital and actually talked to his grandfather. FINALLY he gets the story straight. Grandfather was admitted to have a cathetar to check how his heart is doing. Grandfather is doing great and is going home in the next couple of days.

So if that STOOPID lady hadn't blown things out of proportion J would have flown today and things would be fine. But NOW things are gonna be rushed to get us out of here because we have to wait until the last minute to get stuff done.

{Monday, January 09, 2006} The Day Nothing Went Right
Well more like the weekend actually. Here's how it went down:

BMX races are starting on the 15th of this month, after a long winter break. So to get prepped for it I took R over to the track, on Saturday, to get the feel of it again. When we got there I noticed the track had been revamped. It looks GREAT and it looks so much more challenging. I talked R into using his cheap Walmart bike to practice since he's had such a long break I figured the heaviness of the bike would do him some good. I'm thinking hey it'll help build all that muscle back up so when he races on his diamond back he'll just fly. So I get his bike of the rack and he goes for a ride.

It was so cute watching him. I told him to start out slow since the new hills might be a bit intimidating. He was riding around and screaming everytime he was go down a hill. It was hilarious!!! So then he gets to a really steep hill and he doesn't make it up. He was riding too slow. He crashes half way up and rolls back down. Suddenly he's crying. He's mad cause he didn't make it up, not because he got hurt. The only thing that got hurt was his ego. So I tell him "you really need to try to get some speed in order to make it up that hill". So sobbing he drags his heavy bike back to the gate and starts again. This time he doesn't scream going down hill. Then right before the infamous hill, he starts peddling as fast as he can. This is when I learned that cheap little Walmart bikes are NOT made for BMX motocross. Just as R is approaching the hill, we can tell he's gonna make it and get some really good air at the same time, the chain falls off and he loses all speed. Thus face planting AGAIN into the side of the hill.

Poor thing was so upset about this. We fixed his chain and he was determined to have another go at it. This time he left the gate with such determination I just knew he'd do good. But less than 10 seconds out of the gate it happened again. His chain fell off and he did another face plant. I gotta tell ya that dirt is HARD and it feels like you've just planted into concrete. He was so furious that he threw his bike. So I told him, let's call it a day and tomorrow (Sunday) we'd bring his diamond back and practice with that. He was cool with it and we headed home.

Sunday as I was loading the family truckster to head to the track I grabbed Rs diamond back. I noticed the front tire was flat. Figuring it was from sitting there in the cold for so long, I didn't think anything of it. I pulled out the handy dandy pump and filled it. The tire was flat again before I could even put the cap back on the tube. I figured I screwed up, seeing as I don't know how to work a pump too well. So I pump up his tire again, and again it's flat before I can get the pump off. This is when I decide the tire must have a hole. So I call my brother to see if we can take the bike over to his house and have him fix it. He says sure. I grab the bike and the slime and we head on over.

We get to bro's house and I find that we can't use the slime because of the type of brass piece that's on the neck. Guess we'll have to do this the old fashioned way and actually patch it. I stayed watching so I could learn how to do this for next time. My brother took the tire off and when he pulled out the tube we found three small holes. But no stickers in the tire itself. We don't have enough patches for all three holes so I have to run to the store and get some. An hour later I'm back and I have patches. I'm so proud of myself I only had to call the house once to ask what the patches look like.

Bro patches the tube and R takes the bike for a quick ride down the street. Everything is working fine so we start to load up to head to the track. I get the bike in when suddenly I hear air rushing out of the tire. I figured bro forgot to close the valve on the tube. Nope, the valve was closed and the tire was flat. So bro pulls out the tube again only to find a NEW hole. OMG I can't believe it. Where is this coming from? Bro patches the new hole and I do some detective work. I found that one of the spokes on the rim is reaching the tube and busting it. R needs a new liner and he needs one fast. We have exactly one week before races start.

Bro says with the patch on the area is thicker so the spoke won't be able to pierce it so easily. That should buy us some practice time. Again we load up the car. No flat tire this time. We head over to grab some food as now it's lunch time and then to the track. Five minutes after leaving bro's house we hear POP and GUSH!!! The tire blew AGAIN!!!!! We make a bee line to Bike World and get some liners and a new tube. Head back to bro's house and he's gone. Call his cell and it's turned off. Well we can't practice like this so we head home. Half way to my house bro calls. He's back home but now we're close to my house and I really don't want to turn back around. Bro says he'll come out and fix the bike at my house. Bro gets there and he's forgotten his tools and all I have a hammer. Don't think that would work too well.

So now it's monday and our plans to practice all weekend went down the drain. But at least this all happened now instead of Sunday when races start.

{Friday, January 06, 2006} The Longest Short Week this year
I cannot belive how LONG this week has been. And what's worse is that this has been a short work week. I just don't get it.

I'm ready to call it a day and go home, but I still have 3 hours left to "work". What makes it worse is I have no more work. I am all done for the day/week. So now I'm gonna sit here surfing blog explosion. I wonder how many credits I can earn in that time.

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