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{Tuesday, January 10, 2006} No Flying Today
Well it looks like J is gonne be gone just a bit longer than expected. He messed up pretty badly in his flight last week and had to redo it today. His instructor told him that if he messes up again today he will be staying longer. So J gets up extra early this morning to make it to the flightline ontime. When he gets there he starts talking to his instructor and proceeds to have an emotional break down. Which in turn makes it so he cannot fly today. NOT GOOD. This means he needs to get in another flight to make up this one which will keep him there for AT LEAST another three days. That really sucks when you consider we have a short time line to get things ready to move.

THEN I find out that the breakdown was caused by my dysfunctional mother in law. Apparently she talked to J last night and told him that his grandfather was in the hospital. According to her, he's on his death bed. He had an angioplasty and 3 pints of blood given to him. So J is freaking out because if his grandfather dies he can't go to the funeral due to this training.

Js instructor told him to get his family business in order so he can fly next time. J calls the hospital and actually talked to his grandfather. FINALLY he gets the story straight. Grandfather was admitted to have a cathetar to check how his heart is doing. Grandfather is doing great and is going home in the next couple of days.

So if that STOOPID lady hadn't blown things out of proportion J would have flown today and things would be fine. But NOW things are gonna be rushed to get us out of here because we have to wait until the last minute to get stuff done.


Blogger Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The good news that J's Grandfather is now fine is good enough to overlook the old lady's eccentricities.

Keep flying high.

God bless you and J always.

2:04 PM  

Blogger Nanette said...

Gotta love those crazy in-laws.

4:35 PM  

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