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{Wednesday, December 21, 2005} Okay
Holy cow!!!! Long time to update huh. Well I'll just give a quick run down.

R is doing MUCH better. The doctor has him on Concerta in the morning and Trileptal twice a day. I can't believe the difference in that boy. He's not getting into trouble at school anymore. He's helping around the hosue WITHOUT me asking him. Heck, last week I was really sick and he gave A his bedtime bath!!! Talk about a shocker. He's slowly earning his things back too. Last week he earned his bike back so now he's practicing for his first national competition. That will be in Febuary. I can't wait.

Ks bald spot is finally starting to fill in. It's only 3 hairs right now, but it's a sign that things are starting to regenerate. YAY my baby girl won't be bald for the rest of her life.

A has been sick off and on. But what do you expect when he suddenly starts going to daycare. He's finally being exposed to all those nasty germs I tried so hard to keep away from him. Right now he's batteling a double ear infection. But I'm counting my blessings on that one. A couple of weeks ago he was batteling pneumonia.

As for me, I'm getting ready for the holidays. I finished my shopping on Sunday, so now I'm just getting the house ready for guests. Oh yeah and J is COMING HOME!!! Oh I'm so excited about that. He's only here for a visit, but it's better than nothing. He'll be arriving sometime Friday evening and he'll be here for a week. Then it's back to finish his training until mid-Febuary.

So that's life right now, I'll start posting more frequently again real soon. Oh yeah, and I promise things will be more interesting too.


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