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{Friday, November 11, 2005} He Got SECOND!!!!
I'm so proud. Last night was the first "race" in a few months. The night before was just practice. Anyway, I was so stressed that we weren't going to make it to the race. Sign ups start at 5 pm and I don't get off work until 4:30. It was 5:15 before we were at my house loading up all the gear. I've now learned now, that I need to do ahead of time to make it less stressful.

So we got to the track just as sign ups were closing. We hung around for a while and chatted with everyone. Being back made me realize just how much I missed being there. I'm so glad we can start going regularly again.

Ok, back to the race. R was in the first moto and he was racing hi cousin and some other kid I've never seen. There weren't many people there so there were only three motos. I was really nervous being that R hadn't been on his bike in several months and even he was noticing that the muscle in his legs was shrinking. I really thought he would come in third due to his long break. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw him come in SECOND every time. I knew for a fact that he would not beat his cousin, because she's #2 in the state. But I know he'll get there soon.

It seems he has even more enthusiam for the races now that he's gone back. So now it's time for me to start planning and budgeting for us to attend as many nationals as possible next year.


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