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{Wednesday, November 02, 2005} Sometimes it sucks having to be responsible
Last night was a horrible, HORRIBLE night. A has been fighting a cold and yesterday the cold won. I was called to go pick him up early because he was having a difficult time sleeping (couldn't breath from being stuffed up) and then he got a fever. Not too high, but high enough that the daycare didn't want him there. So I go pick him up and take him home.

I spent the evening trying to comfort him and hold him, while at the same trying to help R with his homework and make dinner. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It was not fun. Then A decides he doesn't want to eat, and I don't force the issue since he's not feeling well. I give him some medicine and put him to bed.

Then starting at midnight, A was up every hour. It made for an extremely long and sleepless night. So he finally goes down around 4:30 this morning and stays asleep. Unfortunately I had to get up in 15 minutes to do my work out and start my day. I was so exhausted that I decided my work out can wait till this evening and I decided to get in an extra hour of sleep.

It would have been so nice to just call into work this morning. And I'm sure it would have been okay with my boss. She's extremely understanding about family issues. Unfortunately, I haven't been here long enough to have vacation/sick leave available to me. So it would have been leave without pay.

SO here I am. Exhausted, and at work. And feeling bad that I have to leave my sick little boy with my mom. Yes, my mom was kind enough to take the day off her work to stay home and take care of him. But I feel like it should be me taking care of him, I'm his mom.



Blogger Sleeping Mommy said...

Oh man that sucks Brandi, hope the little one feels better soon. We've been dealing with that at our house too. It doesn't seem like I can get everyone healthy!

5:35 PM  

Anonymous eric said...

i feel for ya, hope you guys get better soon

7:00 AM  

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