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{Monday, October 24, 2005} Dilema. Any Advice?
I keep getting a phone call from a local hospital who I had sent a resume to back when I first started job hunting. They've called me every day for the past week. Today she (the HR lady) flat out said that she wants to offer me the position I initially applied for. Now here is my dilema....

- I've ALWAYS wanted to work in a hospital
- I like the job I currently have, as in I don't dread going to work every day.
- The people at my job are nice, but I have yet to really talk to them. They have their little clique and I'm not a part of it.
- The hospital is a LOT closer to my house.
- I'm hoping that if the hospital wants me bad enough, they'll be willing to pay a bit more than I'm currently making (but I won't be positive on this one until I talk to the HR lady)

So what would you do if you were in this type of situation?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I've been at my current employer for just over a month, and I won't be working past February because we're moving out of state. That's one more reason I don't feel the NEED to stay in one place.


Blogger Bloghead said...

Geez, I understand your dilemma. I also just started working in a new job. It's kind of tough, but the perk is sometime I get to get off work early. Real early. I'm thinking of quiting this job, but haven't made the decision yet. But, if I get a better job offer, I might take the offer without even blinking!

Why don't you just go for that interview and see how it goes. Look around the hospital and get the feel of the job you'll be doing. If you think, you're up for it and the pays is better, working time etc then since you had always wanted to work there. Go for it!

If not stick with the job you're in right now. You never know, if they'll let you go even. So, in the end you'll have to work there.

At least go for the interview and see if they have a better offer. You're in the driving seat and you can afford to be choosy. So choose!

Good luck!

11:55 PM  

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