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{Thursday, October 13, 2005} I feel SO SICK
I've been on this "diet" since March. Actually, it's more like I've changed my eating habits and ended up losing quite a bit of weight from it. I've gotten lazy on the exercise part so the weight loss is slowing down. Anyway, since I started working I don't really have time to make myself breakfast so I eat a bagel with cream cheese every morning. Well this morning I was running late and forgot to get my bagel. I thought to myself, I can make it until snack time. So I go and drop the kids off at their daycare. As soon as I drop R off it hits me that I am STARVING. I decided there was NO WAY I would be able to wait another 2 hours to eat. So I stopped off at McDonalds and ordered a sausage mcmuffin and a coke. I ate it, slowly, while I was driving to work. And now...

OMG I feel like I'm gonna PUKE my brains out. I don't know if it was too much food, or the type of food, but MAN I FEEL SICK! I hope this feeling goes away soon so I can concentrate on what I need to do. Not on trying to keep it down. That'll teach me to eat McDonald's for breakfast again.


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