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{Thursday, October 06, 2005} The Boy
OMG I feel so sorry for Rs teachers. He's not only been lying to me, but he's been lying to them too. So here's the low down from yesterdays meeting.

-R has been lying to me telling me that he has no homework or only 1 or 2 pages of homework. Then he says he turned it in and apparently Mrs. T lost it in the pile of papers on her desk. Therefore Mrs. G did not get it. Then at school he'll tell the teacher that he left his homework at home. So he ends up having to stay in during recess to do his work. He still looses points for no homework, but not as much as if he didn't turn anything in. I asked him last night if he was trying to avoid recess for some reason, but he just said "I don't know." I'm thinking we'll talk a bit more casually this evening.

-So R has been playing me like a fool. Here I was getting upset at the teachers feeling like maybe there was a personality clash and they didn't like R. BOY WAS I WRONG. So we've all decided R will have a planner that he takes to school each day and brings home to me each afternoon. In this planner the teacher will write how many pages of homework is given that night. Then when R turns it in, the teacher will initial it. So I know if R was lying or if teacher actually did lose the papers.

-Now for the worse news. R is still acting really impulsively. Earlier this week, his best friend was going potty and R thought it would be funny to climb up in the next stall over and peek over the top. Needless to say, this boy is not Rs bestfriend anymore. He actually told the teacher that R "violated his privacy". Then Tuesday in gifted class, they were broken up into groups so they could cook. Mrs. S told Rs group not to touch anything and to stay up against the wall so she could check on another group across the room. Instead of listening to what Mrs. S said, R decided to grab and start handling a knife. That kinda freaks me out seeing as he knows I don't even let him handle a knife at home unless he's under adult supervision. This kid has too many violent tendancies to trust him with a knife on his own.

So last night was Nemo on Ice and needless to say, R did not go. He was so upset about it. I'm hoping that it caused something to sink in that he needs to get his act together. Guess we'll find out soon. In the mean time he is grounded until his grades and homework improve. Oh yeah and his behavior.


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