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{Monday, September 19, 2005} I'm at work
Oh this is so insane. I didn't think I'd be back to work so soon. But it's so cool, I actually feel like a "grown up". LMAO I did do the temp agency for two days. I wasn't too sure about it though. The lady who hired me told me that she would only place me in a permanent job since that was what I was requesting. However when I got the job it was NOTHING like I had been told it would be AND it was NOT permanent. Well I guess it was kind of permanent, the staff consisted of mostly temps and most of them had been there for over a year and they were all fighting for the same job opening IF something actually opened up. Needless to say, I only worked Thursday and Friday and that was it. Thursday morning I got a call back from one company I applied back and they offered me a really good job paying the same as the temp job did. I told them I already had a job but that I was starting that very morning and to let me see how it goes. By lunch time I called the company back and accepted the position. That is where I am today. It's been really nice and the people are REALLY friendly. I think I'm really gonna like working here.

Oh yeah, on Friday, R. sprained his Achilles (sp?) tendon and has been laid up all weekend. I really think the doctor should have give him some crutches for him to use, but he wanted him off of his feet. So today I had to send him to school limping and walking like a gimp. Oh and that also means no more racing until he is fully healed up, which according to the doctor could be a couple of weeks. So that puts a bit of extra money in my pocket VICTORIA SECRET HERE I COME!!!


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