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{Sunday, September 04, 2005} The Cook
I know I'm no chef, but people don't need to act like everything I cook is going to kill them. So what if the only flavor it has is that of a piece of charcoal. At least I was careful enough not to serve up any of the black stuff. I spent so much time in that kitchen trying to pick out only the best parts to serve.

That should count for something, shouldn't it?


Blogger Oliviah said...

I don't know about your cooking, lol, but I did want to tell you that your blogs layout is fantastic! The colors and the whole way you have it set up makes it attractive and really easy to read. Some blogs, I can only read just so far even if I am really interested in what they are saying. Great look!

10:28 PM  

Blogger kyknoord said...

Indeed it should. Especially after you spend all that time picking out the nasty bits. Some people really need to learn gratitude.

1:15 AM  

Blogger Elena said...

Amen kyknord! Keep on cookin girl! :)

11:08 AM  

Anonymous momof2 said...

Funny that you mention this now. As I type, I'm waiting for my kids to eat the beef stew I made for dinner. You should see this stuff, it came out amazingly well... but God forbid I try to get vegetables into these guys. Urgh.

5:13 PM  

Blogger Jodes said...

Yes it should! Tell them to shut up and eat. :)

9:28 AM  

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