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{Thursday, September 01, 2005} WOOHOO!!!!!
I'm so excited, I have a job interview today!! I didn't think I'd get an interview this fast. This is for a salon and cafe so it's an environment I've never worked in before. I did work for a bed and breakfast when I was younger but I'm thinking this isn't the same thing. At the bed and breakfast we knew that the guests were only there to have sex. LOL

Now I need to go out and buy something nice to wear. Right now the only thing I have in my closet is jeans, shorts and t-shirts. Wish me luck. :D


Blogger Ash Sere said...

If your clothes look anything like the ones on the picture of your site then I'd suggest sticking with 'em... I like the style!

4:50 PM  

Blogger Jodes said...

Good luck! I love how your site is laid out. Very nice.

9:08 AM  

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