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{Saturday, August 20, 2005} Fun Stuff
I have had a bunch of smelly pre-teen boys at my house for the last two days. Not that it's a bad thing but I'm not used to having people over. And R. hadn't had any friends in our neighborhood since they moved away last summer. It's so weird. They went to the bike races with us both Thursday night and last night. OMG my car smelled HORRIBLE last night after getting home. It smelled like a sweaty locker room mixed with STANK old Slim Jims. So as soon as I got the kids to bed I went out to the car to clean it out. I rolled down all the windows to get some air in and got rid of all the Slim Jim wrappers that they left laying all over the place. Then I had to get some air freshener and saturate my seats and floor to get rid of that nasty smell. OY if this is what I have to look forward to as R. gets older I better buy stock in that air freshener.

On a realy good note, I haven't been online much the last couple of days. J. came home Thursday afternoon. I'm so happy to have him home!!! He'll be home for a while now before he has to go back for the last little bit of his training. J. already got his orders for our new station but he needs to make some phone calls to find out exactly when we'll be leaving to go there.

Oh yeah, we found an injured bird today, in our yard. I wasn't too sure what to do with it. I remember when I was a kid I watched some show (like Sesame Street or something like like that) and these kids were helping an injured bird. Anyway so I got online and found a really informative site on what to do with this poor little thing. So I called the wild life preserve near me and we had to pick up the bird and put it in a box and take it over to them. I hope the bird will be okay. I think it might have a broken wing or something.

Okay so it's time to go to the races again and drive with these two extra kids. I hope we can fit everyone in the car alright. The last two nights was fine because I took A.'s carseat out and J. didn't go with us. This time we'll have the whole crew and then some. Oh yeah and we have to figure out how to get an extra bike in the car too. I have the two on the bike rack and the one in the car taking up what little leg room we have. Oh joy. :D


Blogger Tasha said...

This is a really great blog! Thanks for the comment! My life seems like yours. At least you can handle it. It is alot to bring my kids anywhere. I found an injured bird before. It was so sad and then got away.

6:02 PM  

Blogger Beth said...

Hey this is a great blog...I am about the same age...only 2 kids though, anymore and I would go mental lol. Thanks for visiting my blog, hope the bird is okay.

7:11 PM  

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