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{Monday, August 08, 2005} Finally A Productive Day
Well I've been stuck in a slump since last week. I haven't wanted to do anything and you could definitely tell by looking at my house. So today I finally forced myself to get moving. I cleaned my house so my neighbors, behind me, can't look in and see a mess. I was afraid they were gonna call the health department soon. And I kept my kids from killing each other. I so can't wait until Thursday when Randee goes back to school. That'll make my life that much easier having one less kid to keep track of.

Oh and we're still waiting to find out what aircraft Jason is going to be assigned to. I'm really starting to get impatient. He was supposed to find out on Thursday and when that didn't happen they said he would find out today. Well guess what, again it didn't happen. I figure he has to find out soon right? I mean they can't keep him in the dark the entire time. Anyway, I'm done asking each day if we know where we will be moving too. Now I'll just lay off until Jason brings it up.


Blogger mauser*girl said...

I know what you mean about being in a slump. I've been in a slump for days and the whole jeans shopping experience didn't help much. Urgh.

Hope you're feeling better once the kids are in school...

10:08 PM  

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