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{Monday, August 01, 2005} What A PITA
For those of you who don't know all the details...
I was at a girls night out last Monday and my friend Andrea's house. It was such a great night, we soaked our feet and painted our toenails. Then we did bedtime facials, and then stuffed our faces with chocolate treats. But then as we were finishing up stuffing ourselves there was a knock at Andrea's door. When she opened it, this lady told her that she backed into a car that was parked in front of her house. So we all go outside and find out that she backed into my car. Well it's not "my" car exactly, it's Jason's car. She had overloaded her company van and wasn't able to shut the trunk so she tied it down. Since it wouldn't shut, the dome light wouldn't turn off, and it was dusk so with the light on she couldn't see too well. Well even though she couldn't see she proceeded to back out and ran right into the front driverside of my car. She broke the light and dented the car, and then where the trunk wasn't shut the bottom of the trunk door scraped the top of my car and took out a nice chunk.

I called the cops and they told me that since there were no injuries that we should exchange our information and go down to a police sub-station near by and file a report within 5 business days. Okay no big deal right??? WRONG!!!! She didn't want to give me her insurance information because she wanted to pay for this out of her pocket. I was lucky I got her license plate number and the name of the company she worked for. (She was driving her company car at the time) She seemed like she was pretty honest considering she didn't just leave after backing into me. So I got her name and her cell number and she told me to call her as soon as I got an estimate.

Okay so two days later I went and filed the police report. The day after that (Thursday) Jason got the estimate on his car. Turns out it's gonna cost a bit over $600. I called her on her cell immediately and she didn't answer, so I left a message. Well she never called me back so I started tracking down the insurance information. I called three different numbers at her work place and finally got the voice mail of who I was supposed to speak with. Needless to say she didn't call me back. I figured since it was Friday by the time I got her name she may be busy or out of the office for an early weekend.

So then today I call again and I get no answer, not even a voice mail. So I call the state office and see if I can get the information from then. NOPE!! But they did say that if this lady doesn't call me back by the end of the day I need to call them first thing in the morning.

Well, SHE FINALLY CALLED ME BACK!!! YAY!!!! But she said a funny thing while I was on the phone with her. She asked me why I didn't want to file a police report. UM HELLO.... I DID file a report, it was the other lady who didn't want to go through any of this. Apparently she told the director about the accident but didn't tell her the total truth. So now I'm dealing with this lady thinking I'm lying about the whole thing, BUT I finally get the insurance information and call and file a claim. Hopefully that's all it'll take and I won't have any more problems. Guess I'll just have to wait and see.


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