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{Wednesday, August 03, 2005} HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDEE
Today is my little man's 8th birthday. I can't believe I have an 8 yr old, really makes me feel old. LOL We didn't' do much today since we're waiting until Jason is home from training to really celebrate birthdays. But my mom did take us all out to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was rather disappointed in it, but the kids LOVED it. To me there'll never be anything as good as the original. Anyway, after the movie we walked out of the theater to head to the parking garage. When we walked out we noticed there were a TON of police outside. They lined the street and were walking all around the block and in the bus station across the street. It was kinda scary, but I think the scariest part was all the guns they had. I haven't been around a lot of guns so they scare me. Well we got to the car and pulled out of the garage. When we were pulling out, I asked the attendant what was going on. He said that apparently someone broke out of the detention center nearby and the police were looking for him.

After all the excitement we came home and called it a night. I got the kids into bed early and spent the rest of the day relaxing. Now I just have to sit down and actually plan out the kids birthday party. We're gonna have one huge party to celebrate all three birthdays at once.


Blogger Colleen said...

Happy belated Birthday to Randee!!!

7:03 AM  

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