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{Tuesday, August 02, 2005} My Brother; My Savior
I don't even know where to start with this. When Jason was in San Antonio for training his travel card was denied because it was maxed out. So he had to use a lot of our personal money to pay for his trip. He told me not to worry about it because he would be reimbursed when he got home and filed a travel voucher. Since he had to use to much of our personal money I wasn't able to make the van payment when it came due. I called the company and let them know what happened, but it didn't seem to help. When the payment came to be 8 days late they started calling me and hounding me for payment. I again told them that I had to wait until the travel voucher was reimbursed for me to be caught up on payments. I told them I could pay on the 15th, but I would still be 1 month behind. They seemed to be content with the fact that they would get some payment soon.

So the 15th comes around and I make my payment no problem. Then the next payment came due on July 23rd. Jason had just gotten home and put in his request for reimbursment. However we hadn't been reimbursed yet. So I sit her waiting until that gets taken care of. Well it's been almost two weeks since the travel voucher was put in, so I'm starting to get anxious. I call the finance office and leave a message. Then I let Jason know what's going on so he called them. Apparently they can't/won't talk to me because my POA doesn't not state specifically "travel expenses". So Jason finds out they they are only paying $150 and that is going directly to his travel card. So I'm wondering why they won't reimburse for the lodging that he had to put on our personal account. I don't care if they reimburse for food, but the lodging AT LEAST should be taken care of. Well it turns out that Jason filed the paperwork incorrectly and when the person in finance took it, they never went over it with him to make sure everything was there.

So now Jason has to refile and it'll take a couple more weeks to get reimbursed. So here's the really stressful part. The car financing company called me on Thursday and reminded me that I'm behind on the van payment. I told them AGAIN that we are waiting for reimbursement. So the lady on the phone states that they want the full amount paid by Aug. 3rd. At the time I thought it would be no problem since we would be getting reimbursed soon. Well guess what... today is August 2nd and we found out TODAY about the travel voucher problems.

So I swallowed my pride and called my brother to borrow some money to get these people paid off. He asked how much I needed and I wasn't sure. I told him I needed to figure out how much I have in my account and then I'd call him back and let him know. Well I figured out how much I needed and it is just WAY TOO MUCH for me to ask of him. So I called him back and told him nevermind, I'll just wait until the travel voucher problem is resolved. So I got online and paid the $100 I had already saved for the van. Still short by quite a bit. Now I'm sitting here trying to relax from such a stressful morning when I get a phone call.... it's my brother.

He asks me how much my van payment is and I tell him. Then he tells me that he's gonna pay it for me and I don't need to pay him back. Suddenly I break down crying. (I'm crying just replaying it in my head) I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful brother. And you can bet I will do everything I can to repay him as soon as possible. I just can't believe that he would do this for me. Okay my eyes are all clouded up again, so I'll have to finish this post later.


Blogger This girl said...

Aww that is so sweet of him! What a relief for you huh?

11:28 PM  

Blogger Echo said...

Aw! What a sweet guy!!

6:58 AM  

Blogger K said...

That's so awesome Brandi!!

3:39 AM  

Blogger Colleen said...

Very nice of him!!!

7:02 AM  

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