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{Friday, August 12, 2005} Changed My Look
I wanted to thank Stacee at http://www.chasethestars.com for this really cool template.

So I received some interview questions from TJ over at http://www.zazzafooky.com You all should go visit her sometime her blog is definitely worth reading. Okay so let's see if I can answer these questions well.

1. What is the worst thing you've ever done that you were never caught for?
That one is a bit difficult. In a sense I ended up getting caught for everything I've done. When I was younger I was a wild child and because of this I was put into a behavior rehab program. While I was in there I had to confess everything I had ever done. After I got out I was a good kid for a bit. But after that I had the type of relationship with my family that whatever I did was no secret.

2. If you were in public and had to be stripped of one thing would it be your top of your bottoms?
I think I would rather go without my top. I have such bad cottage cheese on my thighs and butt that I refuse to be seen in anything that doesn't cover it all.

3. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever done? (Dirty can be interpreted how ever you like)
In my case my mind is in the gutter quite often so dirty is interpreted as that. I think the dirtiest thing I have ever done would be sleeping with my step-sister's boyfriend. I don't know if she ever found out, but not too long after that we stopped talking to each other.

4. How have you been exceptionally cruel or mean to someone, and why?
See question number 3. At the time I was extremely selfish and the only thing that mattered was getting what I want.

5. Imagine an egg on a table in front of you. The egg may be any shape, color, size or species. You crack it open. What kind of egg is it? (Snake's Egg, Turtle's Egg, Dinosaur's Egg, Chicken's Egg)
I would be a turtle's egg. I'm deathly afraid of snakes so that is completely out of the question. Dinosaurs are way too big to deal with and a chicken is just too cute.

So that's it, I know I'm a pretty boring person huh. I'd post about my past a bit more but I'm afraid I might incriminate myself.


Anonymous stacee said...

thanks for the plug!

i think the egg question is interesting. the first time i saw an ostrich egg, it was on iron chef and i couldn't believe the size of that thing!

12:18 AM  

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