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{Sunday, August 14, 2005} Yesterday
Yesterday was so much fun. My cousin, Sonya, got us tickets to Cliff's amusement park. We got there pretty early in the day and stayed until it got dark. Randee was able to ride just about all the rides so my mom and I took turns going with him. I got so sick a couple of times I had to sit down so I wouldn't throw up. We also took Kelsey and Aaron on a couple of rides and I think those made me more sick than the others. LOL We were in line to ride one of the roller coasters and it got shut down because it started raining. It was raining so hard we had to take shelter and then the shelter started flooding. I haven't seen rainlike that in a LONG time. After the rain let up just a little we made a run for the car. It was still raining pretty bad, but we weren't willing to wait any longer. The ground was so flooded that we were walking in running water up to our knees. Once we got to the car getting home was pretty crazy. The streets were flooding and the water was running so fast. You couldn't even see the sidewalks because the water was so high.

After we got home we changed into some dry clothes and finished off our night watching a movie and sleeping in the living room.


Blogger Cattiva said...

I hope they gave you a "rain check" to come back another day! ;)

10:52 AM  

Blogger Girl said...

Seems like there has been lot's of rain lately all over the world...
Nice blog :)

2:09 PM  

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