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{Monday, August 15, 2005} WE HAVE AN ASSIGNMENT!!!!
Oh I'm so excited. "J" called me this morning to let me know that we officially have an assignment. We don't have all the details worked out yet. "J" will have to go back for the rest of his training come mid-October so we're not sure if we'll be moving before or after the training is complete. My way of thinking is that he's career description has already changed so they can't have him doing what he was doing before. Of course they don't think the way I do, otherwise we wouldn't have had to wait so long for an assignment. LOL Anyway I'll keep y'all updated as things become more clear. But this is a GREAT start.

On another happy note, "J" had some beautiful flowers delivered to me today for my birthday. He kept apologizing to me that they didn't come earlier. Like one day late is such a bad thing. I'm just happy that he surprised me like this. I didn't expect him to do anything until after he got home.


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