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{Sunday, August 28, 2005} Success!!!!
What a day. The party turned out to be a HUGE success. Everyone kept complimenting me on how well planned the party was and how nice it turned out. I was so excited to hear all of those compliments considering that my family (they made up the majority of the guest list) are some of the most rude and inconsiderate people there are.

It was a pretty hectic morning since I had to get up and start cleaning the house right away. Then leave to take R to the races. Then from there I had to rush home to finish getting everything ready for the party. Aside from that rushing around everything was so nice. And I can't believe just how many people showed up. Out of all of the R.S.V.P's only one person ended up not coming. And they weren't even missed.

So now I'll be able to get back to somewhat normal everyday things. My stress level can now finally go down a bit.


Blogger K said...

Yay!!! I'm glad you had a good time and that it all went well. Woohoo!!! I know you were worried about it.

9:59 PM  

Blogger Jodes said...


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