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{Monday, August 29, 2005} I Can't Believe It
Well after a little over 3 years of staying home with my babies I'm actually going to start looking for a job. I would really like to continue staying home and start going to school to get my RN, but it doesn't look like that will be possible anytime soon. So for now, we really do need some extra cash, so I'm going to start sending out resumes tomorrow. I sure hope and pray that they don't look down on me for being out of the work force for so long. In a sense I'm a bit excited about it. I haven't been around "grown-ups" all day for such a long time. I don't think I even remember what that is like. It's like a new and exciting chapter in my life is about to start. But at the same time I'm a bit bummed because I really wanted to be home with my babies and take them all on field trips when they start school. I wanted to be the one to take them to school and pick them up afterwards with a snack waiting for them at home. Well at least R has had that for the past 3, going on 4, years now. Unfortunately K and A won't be able to have that. This really sucks but I see no other choice. My hubby just doesn't make enough to support our family. And it's not like we have all sorts of luxuries, the only thing we have is internet and I'm afraid that may have to be turned off soon too. As we are now we're just barely getting by on a day to day basis. I just hope and pray that I can find a job that will pay enough to cover child care costs. At this point I need two full time spots and one before and after school spot.

Please keep me in your thoughts and I try to get everything figured out. Thanks :D


Blogger t~ said...

I can totally relate to those woes. That was always the issue. Getting a job, juggling school, and coming up with the money to even pay the childcare provider so I could go to work. Besides I was always very anti someone else raising my kids. So~ what i did was I got licensed as a childcare provier. (I knew I could trust how I would be with other people's kids, just couldn't trust anyone else with mine) It worked for a time and also gave me a little bit of flexibility.

Also, if your finances are that strapped, you might consider finding chilcare resources... *shrug* it's an option, and it definitely helps. One more thing, if you go the childcare provider route, you can offer the gov't food program and have the meals reimbursed. If your income is within the qualifying range and what not, your kids will also be included in the program. Not to mention the tax benefits. Many counties, like maui, offer incentive programs to drastically reduce property taxes. Good luck! :D

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Blogger Jay said...

I wish you luck, luck, luck. Most families do need 2 incomes to get by these days, which is kind of sad. But on the other hand, you'll get out of the house and have more money for cute shoes! Oh wait, that's me...

9:48 PM  

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