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{Friday, September 09, 2005} Ah the lazy days, how I miss them
Wow my week has been going nonstop. It's been kinda nice, but now I'm ready for a nice long break. I went to three different job interviews in the past two days but I'm not sure how I feel about them. There is one position I'm really interested in, but since I'm going to be moving out of state in about 6 months I would feel really bad about starting up with them and then leaving them hanging. The other two positions seem really slow and boring. So I guess come Monday I'll be going to a staffing agency and signing up with them. And up front I'll be telling them that we're leaving end of March so I would like a temp position. Maybe that's the way to go for now.

Oh and last night turned out to be R.'s first night back at the track. The weather hasn't been too kind to us lately so the tracks have been closed due to flooding and such. But for being gone from the track for 3 weeks it was pretty good. He came in 3rd against 9 yr old experts. I just think that is so cool since he's an 8 novice and he's only been a novice for a month now. Now if we can just get him to work just a tad harder he'll have the State Championship race in the bag. This is one of those times that I hate being such a competitive person, because I start looking at all the other kids and thinking "Yeah, my son can kick your butt" or I see a couple that I hope and pray that R. doesn't have to race against them cause I know he won't win. Is that bad? LOL

Well I'm off to catch up on all my fellow bloggers out there. I'll be back tomorrow after the Leo Rantanen race.


Blogger Jodes said...

Temp agencies can be really cool to work for!! I did for like 2 years and got some great jobs!!

1:23 PM  

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