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{Wednesday, September 28, 2005} Just Sitting Here
Well today is a pretty laid back day. I came to work and finished everything in about an hour. Now I'm just sitting here daydreaming about all the cute English guys that we are contracted with. LOL Actually I was chatting with a co-worker and she was dealing with one of our contractors and she happened to mention that she wondered what a lot of these guys looked like because they just sound so darn cute. So I came up with the idea that we need to make them attach their photo into their signature on their email. Then we can see if they really are cute or if it's just their accents. LOL

So I'm pretty excited, I'm going to attempt to take R to his races tomorrow. I haven't taken him since I started working because I got home so close to the time to leave and we still needed to make/eat dinner. This week I'm planning ahead. I'm trying out new ideas on how to get everything done in a timely manor since I'll be doing EVERYTHING by myself in about two weeks. And I'll be doig by myself for about four months. So I figure now is the time to get everything in order, that way I don't have to do the whole trial and error thing when J is gone.

So I guess I'm gonna go jump on NeoPets for a while. I haven't been there in a couple of weeks and I'm pretty sure my pet is close to dead. Looks like that's how I'll be spending all of my time today. WOOHOO!


Blogger SPG said...

Enjoying your blog. Keep it up.

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Blogger Cloudy said...

You have a pretty cool blog. I like your lay out.

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