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{Tuesday, September 27, 2005} Bad Mom Moment
So yesterday we were all sitting as a family eating dinner at the dining table. This is a rare occasion in our household. Then suddenly A (who is barely 2) got off his chair and stared grunting. I asked him if he was trying to go potty and he said yes. Then he walked away from the table. I assumed he was done eating and let him do his thing before I changed him. That also gave me time to finish eating before the smell spoiled my appetite. So just as I finish eating I realize that A is no where in my eye range. Then I hear some noise coming from the bathroom. So I'm thinking to myself "great he's playing around in there again." I then get up and head to the bathroom only to find that he has put the little potty seat on the toilette and has pulled his pants down to his ankles. Now he was struggling with getting his onsie unsnapped and his diaper off. I felt so bad, if I had only realized that he wanted to use the potty he probably would have made it. I haven't even attempted to potty train him since he's so young and my oldest son was so difficult to train. Not to mention he hadn't shown any signs that he was ready to train yet.

But on a happy note, he's looks like he might be ready to start potty training. Maybe it'll end up being easy like it was for my daughter. Time to go buy some pull ups or training pants. WOOHOO!!!


Blogger K said...

Yay!! Go A! That's so exciting Brandi!

6:11 PM  

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