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{Monday, September 26, 2005} I feel MUCH better today
Well I've had the weekend to cool down so I feel much better this morning. J ended up going with us to the birthday parties that we had. I explained to him that these were the last parties we would be going to since we're moving in the spring. He finally understood where I was coming from and agreed to go. He did tell me that he would be going to LarryBoy's house this coming weekend, and I am fine with that since we have nothing planned but R's races. Then he calls me this morning to let me know that LarryBoy is going out of town on Friday and will be gone for three weeks so it looks like J won't be able to hang out with him before he leaves afterall. Now I sorta feel bad because I feel like I kept him from hanging with his friend, but I honestly thought there would be another chance. And I think family is more important than friends. Not saying friends aren't important, but family has a higher priority.

I forgot what it's like to be in the "real" world. For so long my life as revolved around my kids and what I could do for them and now I'm working and I actually have "me" to consider once in a while. I'm the receptionist/administrative assistant for this company so I sit in the front since I greet everyone who comes in. Of course I have yet to greet anyone LOL this is a very small business and we hardly have visitors. But we were in a building with several other companies. My door is closed but I have a HUGE floor to ceiling window right next to the door. This morning I was walking back inside from checking the mail when a guy from down the hall was walking out. He held the door for me and at the same time looked me up and down. And it wasn't a subtle look either. He was VERY obvious about it. I right away though "OMG my bra is showing or something is out of place. I'm not used to having people look at me. Usually when they see me with my kids they turn the other way and run. LOL

So I get back into the office and I'm sitting quietly at my desk with nothing to do. And I start noticing that this guy keeps walking past my door and looking in. And it's not a quick glance like most people do (you know uncovered window I wonder what's inside), no he is STARING. I honestly feel like an animal at the zoo. I'm sitting here behind my protective glass and HE keeps looking at what's on display. On one hand "WOOHOO I still have it" but on the other hand I'm not looking, nor am I interested.


Blogger Jay said...

But still, WOO HOO!

6:03 PM  

Blogger So Lost said...

Saying "Hi" on every blog I hit through blog explosion today. So Hi!

3:10 PM  

Blogger K said...

I think you're a hottie hun. Haha.

6:13 PM  

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