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{Saturday, October 01, 2005} Such Luck
Wow what a lucky past couple of days. It all started Thursday morning. I was at work, listening to the radio, when they announced that they were giving away Disney on Ice tickets for Finding Nemo. They were giving them to the 10th caller. So I figured "hey why not". I call in, the phone doesn't even have time to ring, when suddenly I hear "caller 10". I'm like what? And he says "you're caller 10." HOLY COW!!!! I NEVER win anything. So I drive over to the station at lunch time, and pick them up. I had to sign a paper saying I accepted them and that they are worth $75!!! OMG no wonder I haven't taken my kids to see this before, I can't afford $75+ for just a couple of hours. Anyway, so that was Thursday.

Friday morning I'm at work listening to the radio again, and I hear them say that they are giving away Equestrian cup tickets. I have been dying to get some of these tickets so J and I could enjoy the food and wine tasting. But I can't see us spending $35 each to do something like this. So I sent them an email, like they requested, and suddenly they announce that I have won the Equestrain cup tickets!!! WOOHOO!!!!! So I go, again at lunch, and pick up the tickets.


I'm driving to pick up my kids, after work, and they say they are giving away Green Day tickets. This is a SOLD OUT show. I'm thinking to myself, what are the chances??? But I try anyway. I call in and it's busy. Then I call back and it's busy again. Then I call back and "Hello, you're caller 10." OMG I can't believe it. I was so excited, I was in my car screaming. J is gonna LOVE this!!!! Then there's a catch. Oh I see you won Disney on Ice tickets. You're not elegible for the Green Day tickets then. OMG talk about heart break. Then she says "well let me check on when you won those tickets and we'll see, you might still be elegible." Um nope, the Disney on Ice tickets were the day before. SHOOT!!! I could kick myself. But my kids would enjoy Disney on Ice so much more. And J and I are going to have some time out, with no kids, at the Equestrian cup. So I guess it's all good.

But really, what are the chances that the three times I actually try to win, I do?

Maybe now is the time to buy a lottery ticket or go to the casino. What do you think my chances of being lucky again are?


Anonymous Nina said...

OMG that is so cool! i recently won a fancy digital camera for submitting a photo to a contest, but that's the only thing i've won. I would totally play the lottery if i were you.

1:12 PM  

Anonymous OldGuy said...

Well, hopefully it doesn't stop at three.

I say buy a lottery ticket !

6:39 AM  

Anonymous Katie said...

Wow that is pretty lucky!!! I would of made up another name of a friend.hehe!

1:32 PM  

Blogger Ronda said...

Dang buy a lottery ticket on the way to the casino!

8:48 AM  

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