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{Monday, October 10, 2005} Gotta love the work
Okay so I've been working for 3 weeks now. I really like my job. And then last Monday I find out that this one girl, B, is leaving at the end of this week. So I've been asked to take on a lot of her responsibilities. Obviously I said yes because it means I'll be getting a nice pay raise a LOT sooner than expected. Okay so here is the problem. B spent most of last week training me. I picked up pretty quickly on what I was taught. Then Thursday she left some papers on my desk that I had no clue what to do with. So Friday morning I ask her about them. She says she'll get with me later in the day to show me what to do with them. Well she never got back with me. Now it's Monday again, and now she's not in. I'm really worried that something needs to be done with these and since they're sitting on my desk I'll be the one to get into trouble for not doing it. Oh man I hope she's coming in tomorrow. So we can get this taken care of.

Aside from this small problem I have to say MY JOB ROCKS!!! I'm really gonna miss it when we move to Washington next Spring.


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