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{Wednesday, October 12, 2005} Headache from H*&L
I dont' know what it is about this time of day. But for the last week or so I've been getting this MASSIVE headace around this time. Everyday!!! Today it is at it's worse though. I can barely think straight and don't even think about asking me to move my head. That would just make the pain worse. I wish I could figure out what is triggering this. The doctors have no clue so all they do is drug me up on valium. Now honestly, I don't mind the valium every once in a while. But NOT for an everyday problem. Afterall I DO have to function until the kids are in bed, asleep. KWIM?

Oh so I got a call from J last night and he made it safely. He's pretty excited because he gets his own suite. He was afraid he would have to either share a room or a bathroom. But not this time. I guess they figured that since he'll be staying there for so long, they'd better take care of him. My kids have already started counting down how long until he comes home. LOL Oh yeah and the dog seems to be taking it pretty hard too. Yesterday, he refused to eat or drink anything. I know it's just that he misses J, but I feel so bad for him. He's tiny enough as it is, he can't go without eating. Ah well, I guess he'll eat when he's hungry enough.

Oh yeah AND my mom already wants to me to make plans for the up comming holidays. She wants me to decide if I want to spend them with "the family" (if you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll see I can't stand them cause they're so rude), or if I want to keep it to just me, my kids and her. Well I haven't really thought about it, but she's already making plans for just us. My struggle is, yeah they are rude and inconsiderate, however they ARE family AND this will be our last holiday with them for who knows how long. So in a way I do want to spend at least some of it with them. But mommy dearest already thinks she knows best. UGH this is gonna be a fun time.


Anonymous Lisa said...

ah, the dreaded family.
i'm in albuquerque too! (with air force ties!)
i'll be back!

4:12 PM  

Blogger :: miss m :: said...

Mabye it's something you're eating? I suffer from migraines (and have for the better part of 14 years now) and there's any number of things that trigger them. Too much caffine. Or not enough if you're addicted to it. MSG which is found in everything (pretty much all snacks, chips, and things like hamburger helper, flavored pasta, etc.) is another really bad one. I also get triggers from fluorescent lightning (it flickers). It could be hormone changes or it could be blood sugar related. Look for patterns in what you do (or don't) do when you get one.

Good luck.

(random blogexplosion visit)

2:43 PM  

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