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{Thursday, October 27, 2005} Bald Picture
I thought I would post a picture of K's "Bald Spot".

This was taken after her bath tonight. Oh yeah, this is on the back of her head, she's looking down here.


Blogger a soldiers wife said...

Oh my! The poor thing. Kids have a way of scaring us half to death don't they?

1:31 AM  

Blogger Doris said...

at least its in the back where it can be covered.

Got to love how the body reacts to things, i have one of those permanent goose egg things on my elbow i smacked it hard on the mantle of the fire place early this year now i have a pea sized bump where i hit it.

I have to say i think i would rather hit my elbow over my head though. OUCH!

10:42 AM  

Blogger Brandi said...

Goodness. That is a pretty big spot. At least it's in the back, and it will grow back!

Have a good weekend

1:57 PM  

Blogger Steve said...

That bald spot scares me with my bump on my head from the concussion I just had.

Crazy stuff..

Thanks for stopping by..

8:05 PM  

Blogger Velu said...

Kids do scare us. I hope everything works out okay


1:14 AM  

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