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{Tuesday, October 25, 2005} I No Longer Have a Problem
So I called the HR lady back this morning and left her a message. I'm assuming she wasn't in the office yet. I said that the only way I would be able to even THINK about going over would be if she could offer me more than I'm currently making. And then I told her to call me back on my cell so that we're not playing phone tag anymore.

Well then I get to work. Right after I started this job this girl decided to quit. So I took on her responsibilities and I was told that I would be getting a raise shortly after. I'm think okay, cool, maybe 50 cents more. That's still a better than what I'm making now. So I get in and start working right away. Then our office manager here comes in to give me a bit more work. She sits down in my office and patiently waits until I'm done with what I had. I figured she needed to tell me what she wanted done with the papers she had in her hand. Well that's true, she did need to tell me, but she also wanted to give me some other info.

On my next paycheck I will be seeing a slight increase. She has given me my raise, and it's retro active!!! Even better is that it's a $1.50/hour increase. That's way more than I ever expected. I haven't made this much money since right after I moved to NM. So needless to say, I highly doubt the hospital will be willing to pay more than what I'm making now. So I'll just hold off on trying to work at a hospital until we move to Spokane and I start looking for work there.


Blogger Doris said...

WOOHOOO! can't beat a 1.50 raise!

Thanks for stopping by my MSN space My life as a mother to teenage boys, I don't mind one bit you blog marked it! means i must be doing something right!

I book marked you :-)

4:16 PM  

Blogger Erica said...

I live in Albuquerque too, I hope you are happy here. Congrat's on the raise.

10:28 PM  

Anonymous Jessie said...

Tell the hospital what you are making and they have to match that.. You may be surprised, If they keep calling you there was something on that resume that they want and may feel is worth what you are asking.. either way good luck..

6:53 AM  

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